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"Hear now the words of the witches,
The secrets we hid in the night;
The oldest of Gods are invoked here,
The great work of magick is sought
In this night and in this hour.
I call upon the ancient power,
Bring your powers to me, my spirits and thee,
I want the power...
Give me the power!"

Thank you for making the journey to our website. I'm certain you already know and understand that you have been brought here for a reason.

Metaphysically speaking, there are no accidents or coincidences. When it comes to Haunted Magick, everything happens for a reason.

 Our work here is inspired by our Celtic ancestors, ancient Wiccan rituals, Moon Magick of the Goddess Diana, and the spirits who pass in the night. For those who wish to walk the path of Enlightenment and speak with the Spirits, trust that the knowledge you require will be passed along to you. You need only believe in Haunted Magick to walk with the Ancient Ones who hold the power, and the magickal beings and creatures will change your life.

To behold the rights that are part of Haunted Magick, such as love, prosperity, health...we welcome you. We offer you beauty and magick that can perform miracles of life. We also offer you energy, highly charged spiritual vibrating energy that will transform your life. We give you the chance to shine with Haunted Magick.

I---Skye Morganthall-am a solitary witch, which means that I don't  belong to the typical coven. I have a strict coven of 13 Spirits that follow with me. Some are my family members; some are famous spirits from history; and some are not so famous but are real, nonetheless.

This includes the Great Warlock, Big Ed Turney; Marie Leavou, my mother back in the 1960's who to this day is considered a family member. My circle of spirits numbers in the thousands, over a lifetime of calling them forth for various people. Nevertheless, the original 13 Spirits are still my favorites and are always with me. But I do keep adding to my circle.
We here at Haunted Magick believe that everyone should have the chance to live a better life. Not just the wealthiest, the most beautiful nor the wisest among us should have a special advantage over anyone else. Therefore, we made the decision to make our magickal, mystical items available to everyone, no matter what your personal circumstances. You will find that some ofour items are very expensive. We have items that are in demand by the famous and the rich, and even the infamous in some cases. Many of the most valuable pieces in the world come from the magickal world. 
At Haunted Magick we offer a diverse array of authentic enchanted and powerfully spell-cast items. Here you will shop in a safe and relaxing atmosphere, in complete privacy and confidence. We welcome special requests and special orders!  
We feel that everyone is entitled to magick in their lives. Therefore, you will find less expensive pieces throughout the web site also. Let me tell you that just because a piece is not expensive does not mean that I have worked any less on the spelling of that piece. Indeed, the supernatural spirits and magick spells that have been entombed and attached to the piece is not something you can just pick up anywhere. There are sellers out there that claim that they only sell the "real stuff", and they put a high price on it. This then precludes a whole world of deserving people that cannot achieve a level playing field. We elected to bring you that level playing field so that everyone may experience the joy of receiving the benefit of my services.

   HauntedMagick.com is a spiritual website, focused on spreading love and light. We specialize in offering unique, and in most cases, one-of-a-kind items. A partial list of what you will find available here includes items with ancient Egyptian magickal properties, Wiccan items, Hoodoo-Voodoo items American Indians, Greek and Roman gods and goddesses, and Islamic Shamanism and Mysticism. If it's magickal, we dabble in it.  
​Please remember that just because something sells for $10.00 instead of $10,000.00 does not mean it is not a real supernatural piece. We wish to help the " average person" who needs it more so than the wealthiest people. The only caution I can offer you is that I as a witch subscribe to the "witches creed," "Harm None, Let It Be. " All my jewelry and my objects of art are imbued and enchanted with my God-given gift. I am here solely to pass along my treasures to those who want them. I will guarantee that every piece has been worked by me with all my energy and strength, and each one is just as valuable to the right person as the next piece. Don't let someone tell you that anything is "crap", "Real magick is always in the love, and joy with that which is loved."  
We bring together the past, present and future of spiritual, paranormal and esoteric energies. I cherish the creative, I treasure the divine, and I embrace all faiths and beliefs. We are open, available, completely transparent, friendly---and we love to hear from you.
Just as with all other religions, there is no tangible proof of benefits, either directly or indirectly, related to the use of any of our spiritual tools.

This is more than just a disclaimer. It is our ethical obligation to inform you of this if you are not already a believer in the spiritual benefits of any objects. Each item available here has been prepared in at least one religious ceremony to bind the item.
Haunted Magick is the first website that is dedicated to Spirit Keeping\Paranormal Collecting. We have always been the premier site for those who want to further journey into the paranormal and/or the metaphysical. Haunted Magick is a sanctuary for discriminating collectors. We deal with spirits, spells, haunted artifacts, and more! Haunted Magick is my passion and my life, and I consider my clients to be my second family.


Loved World Wide 
(Skye) & Darrel
   Skye​ Is Now Amongst Us
As A Spirit
Magick For Your Life!
To The Dawn
Of A New
Magickal Day!

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