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Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. We here at and the Morganthall Coven are NOT new or unknown in the magickal paranormal world.

Skyelene (Skye) Morganthall was born into the Morganthall family and coven 70 years ago, and was drawn to her world of the supernatural at a very early age. Her knowledge and experience are truly vast and awe-inspiring. It has been her life and her life's work since her mid-teens.

With all the negatives that happen every day all around us, have you forgotten how to believe? Or, as if that wouldn't be bad enough, has this negativism caused you to lose the desire to believe?

Well, we are here to tell you that miracles do still happen! Has something happened in your "world" somewhere along your path to cause you to lose your faith and feel lost? Our mission is to assist you to re-connect with your spiritual soul. To help you to once again feel the love, hope and dignity of a higher power working for you and with you.

With Skye's help we hope you will once again feel the thrill that comes with knowing that you are entitled to and deserving of that wonderful soulmate that will complete you. As well as the contentment and peace of mind that comes with wealth and good health.

We hope that what will help to set us apart is that Skye does completely and honestly care about our clients (customers). She does understand the responsibility that she holds by offering our items and services. You likely wouldn't be seeking magick if you weren't needing help or solace of some kind, so we do feel the obligation to help you to the best of our abilities.

Even though the enchanted jewelry and other items we make available on this website  did begin their "life" as simple, ordinary jewelry, they all by now have passed through Skye's hands. They have been enchanted by her, and consequently they will never, ever again be ordinary. It is our hope that you will find Skye's magickal treasures to be the most powerful that you have ever experienced!

Skye's spells and spirits have been found to be truly life altering, and she shares them now to make a positive impact on as many lives as she possibly can.

Your "job" here is extremely easy. Find those items that by Skye that will guide you in your journeys. Remember that when you purchase Skye's enchanted items that you are not just purchasing a beautiful adornment. More importantly, you're getting the benefit of Skye's mystical secrets.

May they bring you the happiness, good health, contentment, true love and abundance that you are searching for and deserving of.

          Skye Morganthall, EzineArticles Basic Author

(Skye) & Darrel

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