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              BLESSINGS & WELCOME!

My family clan began in the time of wizards and witches, way back in the beginnings of it. My mother was the renown Adelia Belle Brandenburg-Morganthall. My father was Drake Morganthall, the patriarch of the Great Clan of Morganthall.

I am a fifth generation witch. Each generation's first woman-born was an only child, born on the full moon in the year of a blue moon. I myself was born during the second of a two-blue-moon year.

I grew up with the practice of witchcraft in secret by my Grandmother and Mother. They both lived well up into their nineties. Another oddity is that all of the females have been born and died in a year ending in a two. When my Mother died, I decided that it was time to declare to the world that I am a witch, and to never again maintain the secrecy.

I've always been a bit of a free spirit, and I've lived my life according to my whims. I've experienced my share of being outcast, ostracized and shunned because of my beliefs, and also because I choose to live my life in the realms of the mystical spirits. I believe in Magick---all kinds and sorts of it.

Faeries, gnomes, water sprites, gods and goddesses, unicorns, and various and sundry djinns have all swirled throughout my life.

I believe in ghosts, spirits beyond the veil, as well as those who have not yet crossed over. I've studied the mythical gods and goddesses. Indeed I worship the Moon Goddess Diana in my witchy rituals. I know I have been reincarnated several times in my lives, and a favorite period of time for me has always been the 1930's and 40's. Many of my encounters with haunted vessels comes from all past centuries.

My husband and I have been married for 39 years. The only children we've ever had have been the four-legged kind. As far back as we both have memories we both have been free spirits---we just never settled down for children.

We just never were content at staying in one place long enough to plant roots there. ("Here" is where we are today..."There" is where we'll be tomorrow!)
What does all of this have to do with you, you ask? Simply put, we quite literally have no one to leave our worldly possessions to.

My magickal family is a keeper of the spirits. We talk to them, we love them and we feel they love us back. I have a specific circle of spirits that I love to work with. I do all my workings under the Moon. Most under a full moon but some under the waxing and waning because those phases too are very powerful for certain things in life. 

Once I have chosen a vessel for them, I do not like to shuffle them around unless they express the willingness to move themselves. I take a great deal of pride into what I select for a spirit. My calling to this life is to give to as many as possible the power to better their own lives and be happier. 

There are a lot of people out there who are downright unhappy. But the old adage, "you can bring a horse to water, but can't make him drink, is very true in the life of a witch. I have vessels of all kinds and all sizes, some of them costing in the thousands, but the majority of my spirits are happy to be a part of everybodies life and as such they understand that keeping the prices down is what most people can afford. Therefore, we select mostly inexpensive items and only charge for our experiste. If you are desirous of something much more expensive I have those items and can "Essence transfer" any spirit into any vessel. Just contact me ,

We discoverfed a number of years ago that once you start accumulating and collecting, there really is no end to it. We have down-sized our home, and we truly couldn't come up with a good reason for putting our "goodies" in boxes and warehousing our "stuff" in a storage locker. If we can't keep it out to either wear or look at, then doesn't it make better sense for us to part with them so that others can treasure them as much as we always have?

We have bought some of our treasures, some wee given to us as gifts, and some we were fortunate enough to find. (Yes, there is such a thing as Good and Bad Karma!)
Some came from far away lands and some from estate sales here in the USA. All have unique and strange qualities about them.

Many are haunted with the spirits of long-gone mortals. Many others have been handed down from other witches. Some are from my own childhood, while others are infused with the power, or spirit, of what we typically call a mythical being or creature.

They ALL possess unending Magick!
We believe in haunted woods and forests. And, we know spirits inhabit all sorts of things, like rings and other jewelry, vases, buttles, old figurines---pretty much anything and everything.

This is why we love to collect all sorts of vessels and anything to do with the paranormal. We believe that spirits inhabait things that they once used or were attached to in their undead years.

We witches have the power to remove a spirit from a vssel to another by special rituals performed at the exact right time. There are good and bad spirits. The good spirits love to please you and make you happy. They are sometimes fun and mischievous, sometimes deeply grieving for their lost lives.

However, if you have a haunted spirit in your life, you are blessed with the Power of Magick. All kinds of so-called mythical beings and creaturs have spirits. Not just humans who have passed on through the mist beyond life.

Powers are usually exerted by gods and goddesses, genies, djinns, angels, demons, faeries, feys, witches, and warlocks. Even mythical creatures like unicorns, serpents, dragaons, flying horsees, centaurs, harpies, banshees, trolls, leprechauns, gnomes, ermaids, mermen, sea horses, and sea dragons. All cultures have their share of this phenomenon. Egyptian, Roman, Greek, Irish, Spanish, Celtic, Pagan, Norse, Hindu, Japanese, Chinese...all cultures.

You can actually cast a spell on something yourself. We often will cast a good spell on something we love. It enhances the powers of the objectg. We are also masters at transferring powers from one object to another, shifting spirits to a newer vessel.
Why wuld we do this? because a lot of people sometimes break or damage a vessel or, as sometimes happens, a favorite vessel will become so old and delicate that ait crumbles, and on occasion a vessel just gets lost.

We can reach through the veils of time and space to contact an old spirit or power and send it to a new vessel.
We have some collectors who value the spirit or power, but they have no wish to either wear or have an old piece of jewelry or an old cracked vase displayed in their home. They prefer a new, more modern and crisp shiny object. There's no harm in this. It's simply a matter of "To each his (or her) own".

Others are intrigued by the ancient and marked-by-time features. Some people have possession of a power or spirit and are afraid of it. They wish to have it removed, and we do that. Binding the power or spirit to a new home is not unheard of. There is such a thing as bad and/or evil spells, so always remember that whatever you desire and wish for can pass into your karma and harm you. The witch's motto is: "Harm none, so mote it be".