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                         HAUNTED MAGICK



                  MERRY MEET MY FRIEND

The exclusive and extremely rare spirit guide. His name is Sir Bedivere, named after the giant of a knight in King Arthur's Round Table Knights. This is a silvery metallic ring with red ruby colored eyes and a ring from his mouth. This is a non gender ring. Stunningly crafted for The wolf Spirit.


There are few animals in history or in mythological history that invokes the intense emotions that a Wolf does. A lot of the fear and hate is due to the total misunderstanding of this beautiful creature. In some stories and mythological fame the wolf is seen as an omen of deceit, destruction and vile. The Clt of the world believed otherwise. Even when perceived wiith death, the wolf was a welcome companion to the god and goddesss. Death itself is a wonderful positive change so that reincarnation can take place.

As the Celtics view the wolf so does shamantic beliefs along with other groups. The wolf is an intelligent, shy, powerful guide and teacher. 

 " The gaze of the wolf reaches into our soul."  Barry Lopez.

The wolf represents a great truth, which is "Grab for the Gold Ring and Hang on". The ring through his mouth is symbolic of the Gold Ring of Life. Hanging onto the wolf brings you a great power to go forth into the world and make the best of yourself. 

Besides being a sacred animal to the Celtics, he is also the totem guardian of the great land of Britain. The wolf rules over death and reincarnation. Life continues under the form of being reborn. The Celtics and the religion of Voodoo are much the same when it comes to death, not only being a time to mourn for a loved one, but to celebrate their lives and rejoice that their spirit is free and living a much better life.  

Merlin the Great Wizard had as his greatest companion the wolf he called Bedivere after his friend the Knight Bedivere of the Round Table when he lived as a hermit. Merlin was also known as the Lord of the animals along with Cernunnos, Celtic Sexual God and Lord of the anmals also. He too was surrounded by wolves. 

Morgana herself would assume the form of the mighty wolf, as well as having them as her faithful companions.  

My Father's given name is Drake, which means dragon and while he loves the dragons, indeed he is a high priest in Draconian magick. His other favorite is the wolf. He found Bedivere when he was on a Celtic trip to Ireland, my mother's homeland. Her mother was married to a German warlock. My Dad is from England. 

When Dad first came upon Bedivere he was as alive as you and I. When Bedivere passed into the voids, Merlin made him a present. Bedivere was born and died during the Middle Ages, but no one knows just exactly how old he is. Bedivere and Dad have been together for over five hundred years.  
Bedivere is also friend to the great Warlock, Mr. Ed Turney and as such you get the benefit of my Father and Mr. Turney. They will be there to answer your call any time one or both are needed. If you are not familiar please read about Mr. Turney on other listings. My Dad, whom you can know as Drake, and Mr. Turney do not work with any other keeper other than me. They ae part of my own spirit coven. 

Bedivere is the Grand Teacher and a Sage. After many keepers Bedivere has walked the path seeking the ways of wisdom and companionship, and now returns to share his wisdom and companionship with you. 

                YOU WILL REMEMBER. 

My Dad is very involved with the molding and releasing of Bedivere's energy. The main goal of the Celtic Shaman is to take on the shape of the great Wolf which transfers his wisdom with understanding and extreme protection to his keeper. He is there to answer your deepest questions and help fill the void of what most of us never learn in school or any kind of collage studies. 

The spirit of a wolf is quite common but the spirit of Bedivere is very rare. He only allows himself to be used by only the best human hearts, through the spirits of Drake Morganthall and Mr. Turney. 

The wolf was regarded as cunning, intelligent and with the power to out-wit hunters. As such it can teach you how to avoid dangers that would harm you. The wolf is a great teacher and guide and will show you the mysteries of nature as well as showing you past lives you have lived. 

Bedivere is connected to the Moon and will often be missing during different phases, but he is still looking out for you. He loves the colors of black, red and white. He himself is a black wolf with big golden eyes. He weighs around 175 lbs. He will often appear as various signs leading you down your path, and he will often speak in different voices depending on what he is appearing as. 

As a power animal Bedivere teaches:

To learn from your own inner self.

How to develop your intuition, instincts and psychic abilities.

With proper development of the above, the wolf will guide you to - knowledge and understanding.

In order to gain this knowledge and understanding you will have to journey to your own personal inner mind. Here you will learn your weaknesses and your own personal feelings and why you feel as you do. From then on you will journey with Bedivere as your guide, guardian and companion into the light of knowledge and understanding. With this comes the development of your spirit.

In these days of great upheaval, and changing times it is vital that a power animal such as Bedivere should be the inner plane guide for you who seeks a deeper meaning from life and who searches for greater understanding.  

Bedivere is your teacher, your guide for life and spirit journeys. The transformer.The opener of the ways. This beautiful intelligent and friendly animal has a vital position on both the physical and spiritual planes. Bedivere is the guide and caretaker of your spirit on the astral planes, then it is your duty and responsibility to care for them on the physical plane. Many people are now moving towards a much better understanding of this extraordinary animal, and the more we learn the more we appreciate the wolves' abilities.

The wolf stimulates all levels of consciousness. Stirs our spirit to begin the quest and awakens within us the call of the unknown - the call of the wild.

In everything there is a balance between light and dark. You already have a keen mind, a seeker of the unknown, and one who can even teach others. This trait also makes you naturally intuitive. Combine this with your remarkable memory and we see an advanced, analytical personality. 

Often you may see signs that Bedivere has been with you. Even wet paw tracks. He is most definitely thought of as a spiritual teacher. Perhaps some nights he may howl at the Moon. Cross paths with Bedivere and he has a strong sense of purpose and will go to great lengths to make you understand his point. He is fearless, brave and he will rarely compromise. 

 You will definitaly want him on your side in the heat of a battle, because he wil not back down and he will take no quarter from anyone. His inner fortitude will thrive on a challenge, his energy will lift you up. His character is impeccable and honor is his middle name. Sometimes you will catch a glimpse of his "lone wolf" label. Nevertheless, he will never back down. You will always know where you stand with him. He will unite and be with you for the remainder of your life. 

In that energetic spirit of oneness, I invite you connect with your own wolf spirit. Explore the possibilities. Bedivere will give you the chance to connect with the beauty of life from the wolves' spectrum. 








Bedivere and his symbolic vessel belongs only to those who truly understand the depth of passion that belong to this noble creature. The Wolf is a representative of deep faith, and profound understanding.

Further, the Wolf possesses a high intellect, and has been observed using those skills in living for themselves and their packs or in this case their charges. 

As a Celtic symbol, the Wolf was a source of lunar power. Celtic lore states that the Wolf would hunt down the sun and devour it at each dusk so as to allow the power of the moon to come forth.

 As a power animal spirit the wolf can indicate a need or desire for family or tribal connections. Wolves have a heightened sense of both smell and hearing, helpful tools that help with fine-tuning intuitions. Anyone with wolf medicine is aware of their keen intuitive abilities.  
The wolf howls for many reasons, but primarily he howls because he loves the sound. When Bedivere appears ask yourself when you were last able to "let loose" and call out into the wild just for the joy of the sound. Are you feeling uptight about something? Let it go. Bedivere also teaches confidence and pride. Be proud of your accomplishments and get ready to share what you have learned with others.

People with wolf spirits are often lovers of the night and will burn the midnight hours. Wolves have a wild streak in them which allows them to live on the fringes. Yet, family connections keep them grounded. A lone wolf is really a rarity.

You can grab the psychic connection with Bedivere that will allow you to understand what he is trying to tell you. You will become closer to the Earth. Call on Bedivere through the rough times. 

Do not be surprised at any visions you may have. Bedivere is amazing at seeing future happenings. You may even get shivers up your spine, but it is only Bedivere delivering your hghly placed powers.  

Although many people claim to have animals as spirit guides, often these entities are more companions than anything else. Bedivere will show you the way to make friends and be happy. He will fine tune your intuitions. 

I am honored to turn Bedivere along with my Dad and Mr. Turney to you. They make the most magickal close confidants. Their psychic shield is all powerful, their grounding is intensified, as well as a strong protection and leadership in all you wish to do. 

Your bridge to the spiritual world has just been created for you and you alone. Unlocking your third eye and the ability to acknowldge the spiritual signs. They teach lessons on your life and any calling you wish to pursue. They bring balance and help keep you focused and continually progressing to the next Spiritual levels. Bedivere will help guide & support you as you travel on new unfamiliar paths & journeys. Don't be afraid to take those delightful astral travel trips.

Bedivere can manifest in spectral form, as a glowing black wolf shape, surrounded by white light or as a‘real’-looking wolf, as well as paranormally as orbs or mists. You may hear paw-steps. He might even leave paw prints on the ground or floors. Perhaps a distant barking or howling. He will never intentionally scare you or those you live with. He is a gentle soul, yet resilient and capable of withstanding numerous challenges and setbacks, only to emerge stronger than before.

Skye & Darrel

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