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             MERRY MEET MY FRIEND 

                HAUNTED MAGICK



A beautiful elegant blue crystal bangle bracelet. A beautiful scrolled flower design in metal and blue crystal stones are large and the coloring is a heavenly blue . It has a wrought iron lacy look reminescent of New Orleans and the romance of the South. 

Most people want to fall in love and live happily ever after with their chosen mate. It rarely happens nowadays. And that is a sad state of affairs. Divorce is rampant in our world, with people marrying and then breaking up and running for the hills at the first sign of the going getting a little bit tough.

This charming bracelet is a one-of-a-kind. It not only draws your true love to you, but it brings the right love for you. The universe knows and can direct the right energy to us, when asked to. It will perfectly match your energy with the right energy when it is asked to. The key here is

       "TO ASK FOR IT"!

Most people just take what they get, and expect to somehow be happy. This is why some of us are spiritual thinkers, and others are not. Those who have been enlightened are the lucky ones.

                    THAT'S YOU 

This bracelet has been infused with the power of the Full Moon. I personally prefer to work under a Full Moon because that is when it is the strongest.  



who between us have over five hundred generations of spell casting. Only one of my spirits is considered not to be a family member, but a God of the Celtic people.  

The spells infused into this bracelet are all known only to my family, and handed down to me in our family Grimore. This is a customized spell for you and your chosen one.

This is giving you the maximum chance of success in your quest for love. First and foremost is the Fall In Love spell. 

In this spell is contained the spells of fidelity, a perfect soul mate, an obsession spell to tantilze him and have him desire only you. This spell works so well that if things get out of hand, we can tone it down. This attraction spell will ignite a spark between you and the man we call GN. It will make him notice you and only you. It will increase his love interest where he is always thinking of you, making you number one in his life. It will also increase his sexual appetite for you.

Only wear this bracelet as much as possible, and in his presence if possible. Only wear it to draw this particular man if you can honestly say Yes to these five questions:

  You feel madly in love with him.
You really want to become married.
You know in your heart that he is right for you.
You don't want to be with anyone else.
You have never been more sure that this is the man of your dreams.
You want a man who will make you laugh, give you companionship, and be faithful and loyal to you. The man who will love you for who you are, and doesn't wish to change you in any way.  

Whisper these words to yourself, then say it out loud. If it sounds and feels right then say them out loud slowly if you still feel he is the right one. A good mantra for this love spell can be said when you are thinking of him. Chant this whenever you feel like it, and as much as possible using his special name.

"Awaken (CALL OUT HIS NAME) desire to love and caress me. Make me so beautiful in his mind so that he thinks only of me. Clear his mind of all other women. Have him desire me emotionally, physically and sexually. Make us the happiest couple in the world."

This mantra will have his heart soften at the thought of you, and melt with desire. It will penetrate his heart and mind with true love and desire to please you in every way.

It will fill you with true love and desire. This love spell involves you and him, and not anyone else.
This is where most spell casters fall short when using a love spell. They only place it on the one, but they forget that there are two people who must fall in love, not just one. Let your courageous self become involved. You are rather impetuous for diving into uncharted waters, but you have the fire to see things through.

  Your're lover will be drawn to you like a magnet. Your quick wit and chatty nature will bring him more out of his shell. Your astrological sign rules your head and face area. You tend to get red when embarrassed or scared. Don't be afraid to let your light shine in front of him. But be gentle, and not too pushy.

Yang Yang oil is a fragrance that exudes sexuality and creates a sense of well-being. It stimulates the part of the brain that releases endorphins. You can get a bottle of it and do wonderful things that will move you along. It is strong, so use sparingly.

Brush it through your hair...just a tiny amount on your brush. It can be over-powering if you use too much. Use in a bath, or as a massage oil. I have found that by putting a drop or two on a hankerchief or tissue and carrying it in a pocket will make you and him feel wonderful. Using it as a perfume is good, also. Yang Yang is the ultimate oil to use for sexual energy. 

                 SO MOTE IT BE


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