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             YOUR PET FAIRY
                SPIRITED RING

                  MY FRIENDS                                

                     HAUNTED                                     MAGICK


                  THE  PET FAIRY RING 

Enchanted from the land of Fairies. The elusive and mysterious Pet Fairy, half animal, half fairy. A rare crossbreed.  Simply charming for children and bewitching for all the animal lovers. Silver plated 18K colored cat eye gemstones. Various colors, pink, white, green, tiger eye brown,  and black.

Just send us the name and a description of your pet you have loved and lost, we will cll upon it's spirit. Sizes  5-9. Please specify in email or we will send a random color and size. Picture shows green. All colors show a white streak. 


The very elusive PetFairy is the symbol of the world of the fairies and Mother Nature's animal kingdom.  Animals pretty much have the same traits and self confidence that the Fairies have. This entitles them to blend their lives with one another and take on the aspects of the other. This is not shape shifting. This is the spirit of the spirit of your loved and lost pet, dog, cat, bird, fish, horse, anything you loved and lost from the animal world. 

They are definitely  snugglers.  Their fairy wings are a gossamer white and theireyes are filled with love for you.   They are beautiful and they know it. They will expect you to want to snuggle with him as much as possible. You will occasionally be able to see him preening just as other pets  except they  have wings and iare able to fly about. 

One thing the Fairies and the animals have in common is their mischievous natures.  Pet fairies are no different in that respect. They can be a real ham when it comes to them being a  showman.  They love the spotlight  just as they always did and will keep you laughing long into the night if you don't cover him up at night. Yes, just like a little bird he loves to feel secure in his home.

He has this amazing energy for calmness and protection for his keeper. They are excellent for keeping the naughty scary spirits from your door.  If you will let him keep watch over you you may expect to conquer any fears and receive peace in this strifed life we live in. And best of all you don't have to mess with clean up and feeding and you still get the benefits of having your be;loved pet back in your life.

His energy can contain all sorts of paths to the supernatural world and he loves to guide you through it with all the magickal powers you can have. You can see the darkness with his eyes and block out that which seems dark and 
let the light shine into your life. He is a shield for anything that is not quite good for your path of learning.

When you rceive a Pet Fairy into your path of life, you will immediately know that your energy field has exploded into a different realm. Your desires and all your hopes are just a simple wish awuy. One of his best gifts is the ability to communicate with the animals. Once again you have your favorite friend at your beck and call. 

The Pet Fairy makes a loyal and loving knowledgeable companion for anyone who is fond of animals and fairies. They manifest as shimmering lights, brilliant orbs of light, as well as what your mind can see. He can appear as morning dew on the flowers and the bushes. Sometimes you may feel like you are being enveloped in a cloud. You may feel a cat rubbing against you, or you could hear the bark of the dog, the neigh of a horse, the chirp of a bird or  meowing and purring of a cat or the laughter of a fairy. 

Youe Pet Fairy will definitely play and keep your you and your other pets company as will as any other fairies you may already have adopted. He is a great lover of snuggling and fun. You can't go wrong with having your Pet Fairy back in tyour life. 



              LOVE AND SNUGGLING 

               WHITE LIGHT MAGICK 



                 BRINGS LAUGHTER