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                    DRAGON SKIN STONES 

                 MERRY MEET MY FRIENDS 

                          HAUNTED MAGICK 


                     DRAGON SKIN STONES 

On the Island of Reunion, which is on the Western side of the Indian Ocean lives a family of true Dragon Keepers. The island is made up of two volcanoes. One is called Piton de la Founaise  Peak of the Furnace) and the other is Pinon des Neiges, ( Snow Peak.)

The mysterious and delightful dragon skin talisman, born in the fires of the volcanoes, only gathered once a year by the Dragon Keepers Clan. Colors vary from photographs due to the remarkable patterns. This listing is for one talism, consecrated and spelled for Draconic magick. Hole for hanging, Usually carried as a pocket talisman, and spelled for hundreds of uses. The talisman is approximately 2 inches 1 1/4 inches wide. Listing is for one stone. We reserve the right to send one random color stone, usually it will be blue, red, green, purple or a variation of colors, and they are highly polished. We have baby dragon stones also. See Baby Dragon listing. 

This was the first volcano where dragon scales were found. The ruler of his house came upon a dragon and they made a lifetime bond that this family would be allowed to enter all the volcanoes on earth including those in the Ring of fire, and gather all the discarded scales that had been turned to stone and polished by the rubbing on the walls of the volcanoes.

Dragon skin stones can be purchased elsewhere, as they all come from us but not all are imbued with this particular magick. Your dragon skin stone may look the same, but it does not contain the special magick. If you purchase a stone from another, I will still consecrate it for you. See end of listing.

 This family has had that contract with the dragons of history forever and no others are allowed to pick up any scales shed by a dragon. If someone tries to gather up dragon skin stones, they are immediately exposed and the consequences are dire. The family is a part of my own coven where I learned Draconic Magick.

 I am a certified witch of Draconic Wicca. My father was a High Priest for the dragon cults and I learned this particular magick at his knee. There are very very few that are able to practice Draconic magick, and only if you have been certified by the secret cult. Only the name of this cult can be brought forth by my family. The Grand Emperor brought it to be during the first days of dragon birth on earth. Only I have that name. Those of you who know of Mr.Turney and his history with the King of Witches can vouch for the Dragon Skin Stones.

Alex Sanders was known as the King of witches in modern times, but his mentor was the true Grand Emperor and is only spoken of in whispers. I have taken a solemn oath to protect the secrecy to protect this family's secrets pertaining to the how of gathering dragon skin stones.

The dragon skin stones have haunted and enchanted properties and are prepared for use by a special ceremony that only can be done at a certain phase of the Full Moon. It is used with a connection from the very lava that has flowed from the birthplace volcano. Imbued with magickal ocean water, bits of earth from the island and fire. This ritual is done for an unnamed amount of time over a period of three times three. This special ritual is conducted by the coven and blessed by the God and Goddess.

The Dragon is the combined powers of the God and the Goddess. The Dragon is invoked or evoked during Sabbats and in times when great or small magick is required. For example, you can call upon your dragon for nothing more than a good parking place or winning at games of chance or the lottery and on up to a love of your life, a new home or perhaps a you have a need for healing something. Invoking means to call to yourself the power of the dragon that you name, he has a chosen name but if you don't like it he is amend to hering what you have to offer him. You ask that this dragon assume himself/herself into your spiritual body.

Draconic Wicca is the utilization of the powers of the dragons. I work with these dragons to achieve the results that the dragons themselves seek for their own well being and the results of my gift of the magick I seek.  

You can purchase a dragon spirit, but for some it is not practical to always have them lumbering in and out. The scale is perfect for carrying with you. It works similar to prayer or worry beads. Most of our customers have their dragon spirit but they carry his chosen stone everywhere for luck, for healing, for meditation, manifesting and visualization. You can ask anything of your dragon spirit and he will move heaven and earth to see that you acquire that of which your heart desires.  

 The Island of Reunion

is an island in the Indian Ocean east of Madagascar which is off the coast of Africa. It is a French Overseas Territory, therefore it is governed by France. The language spoken is French. It is also part of the Mascarene Islands Vanilla, sugar cane and great Creole food come from the island. It is the second biggest island in the world after Australia. The people are called Réunionnais.

On this island inside of the volcanoes have lived the dragons.The first dragon was born during the creation of the volcano called the Furnace of Dragons are very spiritual and are the keepers and the kings of water. Dragons are sacred and great protectors. They are first mentioned in 1300 but some are believed to be over a million years old. Age is very hard to tell because they all look so young. Dragons make their homes in dark damp places but they breed, give birth and die in the craters of their own fire. All dragons, water, earth, and sky come back to the volcanoes from whense they are born to die.

Our dragon skin stones come from the depths of these volcanoes. Dragons are so huge that during The time they spend in the volcano, they brush up against the walls of the volcano when trying to move about. This causes a continuous rubbing of their scales which become very hard and polished. Dragons shed scales just like a dog or cat sheds hair. Dragons are guardians and have appointed only the most secret and kind and wise humans to gather these scales. The family on the island of Reunion is such a family. They are dragon keepers of all the dragons.

Dragons exist in the other world and to call forth a dragon to be a guardian is one of the most sacred rituals we witches can perform. When calling forth a dragon we are asking for that dragon to watch over a certain person and to direct the elements of earth, fire and water energies to surround the person and take care of them. Dragons only come for a lifetime of service to their masters. You must be sure you are ready for this powerful beast to have a place in your life. They are fiercely loyal to their keeper.

We are offering to you a chance to become a dragon keeper by having a scale from their bodies as a magickal tool for you to keep with you at all times.Most of our clients have a dragon spirit and a dragon skin stone to carry everywhere they are and at times when they need to call on their guardian but don't want him or her to appear to others, which they usually wont do anyway. Dragons are very friendly when you get to know them. ven the faries have their own dragons.They are very intelligent and totally wise. Loving and playful when you treat them with respect and above all protective and loyal.  

We have consecrated this simple dragon skin stone into an everyday magickal talisman hat contains the energy of your chosen dragon. Your dragon is attached to you by the power of his magickal scale. You can call upon your guardian dragon any time, anywhere for anything. Dragon energy is much higher and more powerful than human energy. This is because they are masters in vibration, meaning that their vibratory power is much greater than ours. Therefore they are able to manifest things more quickly then you can on your own.

The dragon skin stones are gathered from every volcano on earth only once a year. Only so many can go around at a time. We always keep a stock of scales on hand but we can only purchase them from the family once a year. They are brought back to the island and there they are cleansed and purified with the dragon energy. cleansing the dragon skin stones of all external energies and influences that attached themselves to the stone as a result of being handled by the gathers, Once done, the new tool should be guarded against random handling by those who don't share our beliefs.

All in all dragon skin stones emit magick and blessings to the carrier. They will send......

Strongest Vibrations into the Universe.

Shield of Spiritual Protection

Emotional Healing of the Carrier

Reduces Stress and Worry 

Increases Mental Stability

Improves Focus for Visualization 

Feelings of Well Being

Self Confidence

Blocks Negative Energy  

Revelations of Other Spirits

Improved Grades and Test Scores 

Relief of Tension Headaches

Stop Smoking

Mental Animal Talk

Stops Road Rage

Find a Good Parking Space

Find Lost Objects

If You Think It, You Can Do It

Hundreds of Uses, hundreds of ways to wear and carry them, hundreds of places to keep them. They can help you in big problems and small mundane problems. 


The only limits are your own. Use for everything you want or need help with. They are magickally induced to retain their charges for ever. Each dragon skin stone is even waterproofed.

For everyday use just keep them with or close to you, in your pocket, purse, under your pillow, on a bedside table, in your car under the seat. They have a hole for threading if you wish to make a pendant out of it. Any time you need strong help with something you have set for yourself, just rub them or touch them in any way and the spells and enchantments are revitalized.

The only thing a dragon asked in return is your respect and an occasional gift would not hurt. Dragons are water creatures and as such they simply adore sea glass but it must be magickily enchanted. We sell specially gifted and magikally enhanced sea glass done especially for your dragons. Check Sea Glass and shiny Haunted Stones , another favorite of the dragons.  

Dragon Skin Stones colors are in stock. We reserve the right to send a random color. All of them are beautiful. If you prefer to buy a dragon skin from another, I charge $20.00 to consecrate it just for you for the special magick that makes them a very powerful talisman. Please remember that only my clan are approved in Draconia Magick. It is an ancient art that has disappeared from the knowledge of any witchcraft practice. My father has renewed it for my family's magick only. karma takes care of any dishonesty . Do not be fooled by usurpers.  

       SO MOTE IT BE


​The Pink color as illustrated here is not available. The first paragraph below explains the colors that are available.