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                   HAUNTED MAGICK
The Spirit Keeper



 A Vintage Fairy Queen Pendant for the ladies who love the fairy folk. It has the antique gold tone look, with faux crystal wings.The metal is unknown and the Queen stands 1 1/4  inches tall, and  1 1/4 inches wide. The chain is 16 inches long. She is enchanting and graceful. Her name is Darnella.

This charming pendant is the home of the Fairy Queen, Darnella. Darnella is a lovely and lively white light fairy. She can't help but capture the heart and love of her new keeper. In everything she does, she does it with love, quickness, affection and skills. She is a terrific companion for someone who has a great sense of humor and a tender side for the animals and spirits who roam the world. 

She will rock your world, or at least make you laugh. Her own sense of humor is to compliment your fun side. If you are sad she will move Heaven and Earth to see a smile on your face. She can manifest quite often in order to communicate with you. Darnella will make your day full of surprises and blissful thoughts.

Her personality is much the same as yours with much delight in the two worlds. Ours and hers. She does have a serious side for the times that warrant it. 

Darnella is great with children and animals of any kind. Most all children and dogs can sense when the fairies are near. Darnella is beautiful and striking as fairies go, her blonde hair flows softly across her shoulders, framing her lovely face. Her eyes are soft lavender. She is a bit of a showoff. When she appears to you she will do so with great flare. Being a Queen she does like to "ham up" her entrance.  Darnella has been known to appear all gussied up in her Gothic disguise. She is very mischievous. 

She is youthful looking in spite of being almost three thousand years old, just a drop in the bucket for the wee folk. There are many gifts she is waiting to bestow upon her new keeper. You will love her generous nature.

There are all kinds of fairies and some are quite adaptable to the human world.

Darnella enjoys daylight or nighttime while most fairies prefer to go about in the cloak of darkness. She will appear outdoors while you may be working in the garden or swimming in the cool waters of a lake or a beach. She will appear during the moon rise when the day is done. Her special powers enable her to flit about anytime, anywhere. 

This pendant is more powerful than most because of her status as Queen.  She is a supreme Oracle of the White Light. She will change your destiny and guide you down the right path for your journey through life. She will champion your desires without question. Bonding with the spirit of Darnella will take on a spiritual experience you have only dreamed of until now. Darnella works in stages and steps and it can change your life if you wish. 

Darnella will absorb the energy surrounding you (your aura), and proceed to cleanse it with her own energy giving you more Universal Energy. This will cause your vibrational rate to increase to a much faster rate, allowing you to receive more in a quicker manner. She will open your third eye allowing you to visit her realm anytime you want. The portal will open to you just like magick.  

Your fairy of white light magick will enable you to visit the realms of otherworlds above and beyond what you now see. It will provide you with better health, experience great dreams wisdom, spiritual enlightenment, peace, plenty of prosperity, and good luck. Take her along with you on long walks, when out on the town or just anywhere you wish to go. She loves the Sun on her face and she dreams as you do when in the moonlight and as any fairy does, she loves and feels right at home in a flower garden.  

(Skye) & Darrel



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