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HauntedMagick's Metaphysical Library is our collection of online Paranormal and Haunted ebooks. We concentrate in the Metaphysical, New Age, Philosophical, Psychological, and Occult topics. In our library we also have our collection of Health & Healing ebooks.

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Self Improvement 


Thank you for making the journey to our website. I'm certain you already know and understand that you have been brought here for a reason.

Metaphysically speaking, there are no accidents or coincidences. Everything happens for a reason. We all learn that it does no good to fight with the Spirits. They know what they are doing and why, much better than we do.

The Spirits brought you here to our  website for a reason. I assure you, they are very busy. Heck, they always are! Don't expect them to have the time to single each one of us out individually to have those one-on-one sessions with us that would be so invaluable to us all. It would be terrific, but even the Spirits don't have that kind of time! You will be serving them better by simply taking it for granted that they do know what they are doing.

In addition to the other items and services we offer, we are using this website to make digital products available to you---our clients. In the non-metaphysical world, many of these items are what might be thought of as "self help" (or self improvement) books. Yet, even those types of books have a definite place in our metaphysical world. There is a very strong argument that our Spirits always prefer to gravitate toward those having a more positive outlook, or aura.

It isn't by accident that the prices on our items available here are as low as they are. It simply isn't our desire to "make a killing" here. By having them here for you, our desire is for our assistance to you during your metaphysical journeys to be a bit more all-inclusive and complete.

No one individual item that we, or anyone else for that matter, has is able to be complete enough to be the one and only item you would need. We understand that as we are able to make more and more items available, especially here on our website, it's imperative that we do all we can to hold our pricing down. The lower the prices are the more of them you will be able to provide yourself with, and the better your journey will be.

By way of explanation, for anyone who is used to purchasing digital products and receiving them burned onto CD's, I offer the following explanation -there is a cost for everything. We selected the download option simply to hold our pricing down as low as we possibly can. The reason is truly no more complicated that that!

Do you ever feel the need or desire to find more meaning in your life? If so, you are most certainly not alone!

Our reason for being is to guide you and assist you during your journey into and through this magickal realm that we are all a part of.

It isn't our intention here to become the next internet marketing guru. We're making absolutely no attempt to show up here with a fancy website, with all the latest bells and whistles to impress you with.

So, if you're feeling the need and the desire to find more value and meaning in your life, you have come to the right place. Our reason for being is to guide you and assist you during your journey into and through this magickal realm that we are all traveling through.

This here to assist and hopefully even enhance your quest for answers to your real life questions and problems as you continue your journey. 

These Various Topics 
Might Include Such 
Things As...

Dealing with depression;

Improving your relationships with others;

Achieving success (bearing in mind that no two people are going to have the same definition of "success";

Finding abundance in those things you want or need;

Ebooks in a multitude of subjects pertinent to our metaphysical and paranormal "world". This list of subjects would include Fung-Shui; hypnosis; yoga; wicca; meditation, affirmations, and more;

Utilizing the paranormal, the metapahysical, and the magickal to create and achieve your "dream life";

Personal development topics to help you to find your bliss;

And much, much more!

What we are trying to do is to make some additional products available to our clients. The sort of products that will very possibly smooth out the road you travel on during your metaphysical journey, making it a good deal less bumpy. You will find ebooks here that will assist you in improving your relationships; some that will assist you in weight loss and/or improving your health; and numerous other categories.

Serious efforts will be made to update this website at least once per month with new additions, and we will highlight new titles periodically.

As mentioned above, it would not be any more difficult for us than it is for anyone else to make these ebooks available to you on CD's. The reason we decided to NOT do that is the additional cost that we would have to pass along to our customers.

 By making ours available to you as downloadable products, you will be receiving the ebooks you purchase at the lowest price possible. And (obviously!) with no extra cost for shipping and handling. And no waiting for the mailman to deliver your purchase in a week or two.

So, all that is left is for you to "go shopping". Scroll down the category pages. Examine the titles and read the synopsis of each ebook. You will have the opportunity to add those you desire to purchase into a shopping cart, and then be able to complete your purchase transaction. We use Paypal as our only payment processor. There is no payment processor available that is more safe, reliable, and secure than Paypal is.

So please browse through what is available here. You can buy here with the peace of mind of knowing that our prices are a low as they possibly can be. Bookmark our site and return often, as new titles will be added often.

Thank You, and

Skye & Darrel

eBook Store Categories:



  Self Improvement

Law of Attraction/Positive Thinking


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