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               MERRY MEET MY FRIENDS

                   HAUNTED MAGICK



A hauntingly beautiful pair of earrings. Named the Empress of the Night they are crafted as a beautiful flower and leaf scrolled Gothic earrings of red ruby crystal rhinestones. The dangles are approximately one and one fourth inches long. Small but very beautiful. This vampirac spirit is all about love. The earrings contains the magickal energy of Carpe Noctum, Seize the Night. 

 The Empress of the Night is the antipathy of the ancient magick crafted by the Queen of Witches, Adelia Belle Brandenberg, my mother. Wife of the Grand Wizard Drake Morganthall. This enchanted pair of earrings belonged to the Empress of the Night, Renee, a flamboyant vampire Queen. All her enchanted Magick of the Night is captured in this baroque extravagance of a haunted vessel. 

 If you can feel the pulsation even now, then they are calling out to you. 



Renee was once a human, much like you and I. In the vampire's world, only a vampire can produce another vampire. When Velda was a young girl of twelve, she was given the gift of immortality by a cousin of hers who was similarly blessed.

 Renee is a Psy Vampire. Psy is a unique entity that feeds off of energy, not blood. Most people think of vampires as those who prey upon humans for their life force of blood. While it is true that they do live off of human sustenance, that doesn't mean only off of the host's blood. Psy is for psychic vampires who feed off human psychic energy. And they do it with us entirely unaware of them.

Do not be fooled by what the movies portrays as vampires. All vampires are not evil and bloodthirsty. They are magickal spirits who can assist us in our everyday living and guide us just like other spirits. The trick is to know who is a good vampire and which ones to steer clear of. We only deal with the goodness inherent in our vampires.

 We never practice black magick. It is bad and it is forbidden to the realms of white magick. If you are interested in vampires and their abilities, then just make sure you are buying from a white light spirit that only will sell good, and never evil. 

 Renee is a young sexy woman vampire whose companionship will bring magickal guidance to their masters encountering the magickal journey of life. Renee's forte is love, pure sweet, true love for a lifetime. Reputed to have been thwarted in a part of her own life, she is bound to the idea that everyone deserves true love.

Renee is a mixture of both light and darkness. The pure refreshing of spirit of true unconditional love and the powerful sensual love that carries through to old, old age. Renee will not let you stop your human desires when you reach a certain age, where society thinks you should sit back and take up knitting. NO NO NO , not in your lifetime.

Renee's fortey is love, pure sweet, true love for a lifetime. Reputed to have been thwarted in her own life, she is bound to the idea that everyone deserves true love.   Renee is a young vampire at only around 432 years old. It is difficult to pinpoint her age because she comes from another realm that we humans know very little of. She is filled with the charisma factor which she passes along to you. She can teach you to see beyond the outer looks of a proposed mate. Renee is not hung up on man and woman, she believes to each his/her own. Renee just believes that everyone should experience true love.

 Renee has beautiful pale skin, very long black silky hair and the biggest turquoise colored eyes you can imagine. She teaches sexual power as well as true love, for her they go along hand in hand. She bestows her powers and gifts upon the one who is drawn to her vessel. She loves the goth in us all.

Renee will also not take energy from you or your loved ones. She prefers strangers that can easily restore their own without even thinking about it. Renee is an erotic spirit who is very comfortable with males or females. She is a shape shifter and can become anything or anybody you want.

 She is empowered by you. Your love and happiness is all she needs to thrive. She has the amazing power to help you discover your hidden abilities and help you to bring them to the fore. She will help you obtain all the desires you yearn for.


                                WISH MAGICK


                   TRUE LOVE SEEKING

                    SEXUAL HAPPINESS

                       LUCID DREAMING 


                         MIND CONTROL

                    HEIGHTENED SENSES

                       FEELINGS OF LOVE

                        GREATER PASSION

                          EROTIC DREAMS

When it comes to erotic dreams, some of them may culminate in orgasms during your nocturnal resting. This kind of thing may seem strange to you but let me tell you that it brings about a new sensuality which is erotic energy, which others can be extremely attracted to. Her loyalty to you will be undenyingly powerful and serve you well. 

You can't go wrong with this piece of spiritual jewelry. My mother and I have both owned and loved this spirit. I come from a family who above all else believes in the powers of the spirits.

Renee was a young girl who was introduced to the vampire way by her cousin, Count Henri de la Gaston. Their fathers were brothers. Rene was a beautiful spunky child who loved to roam the forest and woods on her father's land. Th ere was one hundred acres on the borders of France's Loir-er-Cher and Sarthe was simply wonderful for her to wander. Her cousin quite often accompanied her on her treks through the woods.

Renee would pick up wild mushrooms and find truffles on her walks and Henri would scamper along carrying her straw basket. It was during the rein of King Louis XV. The year was 1787. Renee was fifteen years old. Still a child romping around on her horse throughout the valleys and the woods. 

One day they sat down by a stream and she pulled off her socks and shoes to splash her toes in the cool running water. Henri was in love with his cousin and he wanted to kiss her. He took her in his arm and began to kiss her neck.  It was so soft and sweet but Henri's blood soon heated up and that sweet kiss turned into a bite. The kiss of a vampire. 

Renee's father's house was a huge sprawling Chateau, called chateau de-la-Gaston. A big yellow mansion with its cobblestone drive and courts, long tendrils of green ivy hanging from wooden window panes nestled on the hilly terrain. When she approached the house that evening she was no longer a little girl and not only was she now an immortal, she was also a woman.

 In just one quick day she learned the power of her body and the love of a man. Henri was twenty years old, and Renee was only fifteen, but back in the days of the eighteenth century young girls were often brides way before they were old enough for marriage. She began her journey through this strange life. 

That year Renee turned 242 years old. That is still very young for a vampire who is one of those who is immortal. She floats between the two worlds. Sometimes appearing as herself and sometimes appearing as a spirit.

Henri and Renee made love every chance they could until the day came that her father took her aside and explained that she was to be married to the Duke de Lafayette A man almost twenty years her senior. This was appalling to her. It was also a way of life during those years. 

Immediately Renee and Henri made plans to run away, to Paris perhaps, and make their own way. But fathers were not as stupid as they thought and he thwarted the best laid plans. Renee was married to the old Count de Lafayette while Henri was sent off to Paris with the right to become a guard for the Musketeers junior unit of the military branch of the Royal Household.

 Count de Layette was an accomplished man of alchemy. His lands were vast, his business was in almost every country and his fortune was untold. He settled Renee down at a mansion close to hr childhood home and life went on. The count was gone a lot and Renee and he remained almost as strangers. With the love of her life out of touch, her family still angry with her and her husband away, Rene came and went as she pleased. She grew bored. She finally decided to visit Paris and went about doing it without her husband.

 Arriving in Paris, she immediately set up her house and began going to the hot spots of the day. She began to notice she looked like she was getting old and had that pinched look of stately old Auntie Catherine, her husband's aunt, who was a member of the royal court. She and the Contessa became fast friends and this was her introduction to the royal court. Renee began to gain back her looks and her zest for living. 

 On the night of her introduction to the royal court, she had all eyes on her. Her beauty, her grace and her sexual nature was a first at the court. After that night she was sought after by the men and the women who wished to give the grandest parties and soirees.

 She hosted her own soirees and became well known as the Countess. She surrounded herself with others that were beautiful and intelligent. The Countess became a member of the secret club called The Jacobin Club, which was the front for the Freemasons of the time.

 As the only woman allowed to be in the club her mission was to oversee the actions of the court and report everything she knew to the grand master, the Duke of Orleans. Philippe d'Orléans. 

Philippe himself was cousin to King Louis XVI. He was born at the Château de Saint Cloud, one of the residences of the Duke of Orléans a few miles west of Paris. When Louis XVI became king in 1774, Philippe was still suspected of anti-royalist sentiment in the eyes of the court. Marie Antoinette hated him for what she viewed as treachery, hypocrisy and selfishness, and he, in turn, scorned her for her frivolous and spendthrift lifestyle.

In November 1785, upon his father's death, Philippe, the new Duke of Orléans, became the head of the House of Orléans, one of the wealthiest families of France, and Premier Prince du Sang, the most important personage of the kingdom after the king's immediate family, and, as such, next in line to the throne should the main Bourbon line die out.

The Duke was a well-known womanizer and, like his ancestors Louis XIV of France and Philippe II, Duke of Orléans, had several illegitimate children. One of them was Renee's cousin Henri, her first love.

 During the first few months of their marriage, the couple appeared devoted to each other in public, when alone deLafayette rarely spoke to Renee, and soon he went back to his old ways of being a man mostly alone. His life was one of rebellion against the king and his court.

Louis Philippe, a member of The Jacobin Club, used his wealth and family connections to help spread the revolutionary ideas of Jean-Jacques Rousseau and Montesquieu. Cousin to King Louis XVI and thus a member of the Bourbon family line.  

 Philippe opened the Palais-Royal to the Jacobins as a refuge from royalist censors. This palace, which was exempt from government censorship, allowed Jacobins to meet in Paris not only to discuss and debate revolutionary principles but also to print and distribute pamphlets to other Because of his social, economic, and political power, Philippe was able to create a center for revolutionary ideology that played a large part in the undermining of the crown.  

Thus the French revolution was born and France became a bloodshed nightmare for it's citizens. Deceit, killings and food starvation. Renee saw all this and tho she was immortal herself, many of her family and friends were not. They were all caught up with the revolution.

In the midist of her days, two things happened. Her husband came home and she turned to another affair with Henri, her cousin.

  Eighteeth centuy France was a hot bed of rampant sexual excapades. Renee was at home one night having dinner with her husband after him being received at court that day. A knock on the door was answered by a footman and Henri entered her home. Renee heard his voice and immediately was overcome with a rush of love.

 She excused herself and walked into the foyee. To both of their surprise they rushed into each others arms. When he tried to kiss her, she shushed him and pushed away. The Count was at home with her. Henri made a fast exit.

 A few nights later, the Count and the Countess were at a stage show, when she went out to powder her nose. Henri met her in the lavish hallway. Sweeping his hat off to her, she was taken aback with his polish he had learned at court himself. Henri had a mistress, actually several of them. However, his heart would always belong to Renee. 

 They picked up where they had left off. Renee was again giddily in love with Henri, and he with her. They met as often as time would allow. But like all tragic love affairs this one was bound to end in someone being terribly hurt.

The affair went on for about three months, when one night after the Count had gone to bed, Renee snuck out to the local tavern where Henri was waiting. Henri and other muskateers were jovial and drinking ale.

When Renee appeared she was whisked upstairs for their usual tryst. Afterwards, Renee was watching Henri as he dressed when she saw a piece of paper fall from his pocket. He did not notice it. She quickly picked it up and read the note. "My love awaits you tonight 12 PM usual place."

 Renee folded it up quickly and dropped it behind the bed. When Henri took his leave of her, she dressed and swept down the stairs, ordered a carriage and went home. She had no idea where the usual place was.

 Renee was devastated. The love of her life was unfaithful, just a calavier man with a cavavier heart. Plotting revenge aganst him was a consuming thought. She went about her days in a fog. All the time the citizens were rising up in revolt, food was scarace for most people and a lady going out in public was now often attacked for her purse as well as rape from rouges and highwaymen preying upon the rich.

 Renee bought herself a gun and concealed it in her dress. She continued to carry out her mission for The Jacobin Club, now the leading voice for the French Revolution.

 She would often get a message from Henri asking her to meet with him, she burnt the notes. When she saw him at court a few times, she turned her back to him. But not before she saw the sorrowful look in his eyes. He would bow to her, but she could not bring herself to speak to him. 

As days went by, the carts with prisoners rolled down the streets towards the guillotine they had set up in the town square. Hundreds of the aristocratic citizns were being beheaded for being enimies of the state, but as we all know it was just a bloodthirsty crowd.

 When the day came that there was a pounding on her door, the footmen rushed to open it. Henri stood on the step, he bounded into the foyer shouting her name. The Count had been arested and they were on their way to arrest renee. She was too scared to argue with him. Henri told hr to pack a bag quckly and come on, he had a carrage that could take her back home.

 The horses hooves were pounding on the cobblestoned streets, while the coachman snapped his whip. Urchins and ragged people scattered at the sight of the carriage rolling down the street. Renee's heart beat faster at each crack of the whip. She was more scared for Henri than herself, but it was still a nightmare.  

They were coming to the bridge on which they would escape to the other side and be more out of reach. There were several carriages lined up for the bridge keeper to see their papers. Without papers you could not get out of the city. Her heart fell. She had no papers. The Count was not at home and Henri could not have any papers. How would they get across to safety. Or was it safe even out of the city.

 At the bridge were some of the Muskateers in their handsome blue and gold uniforms, with their huge swashbuckling hats with golden plumes. When they saw Henri riding his horse behind her, they waved him on. Relief flooded her veins. The horses hooves clatterd on the wooden bridge as they lept across it. Soon they slowed to a more normal pace and Henri rode up beside the carriage. She called the coachman to halt.  

 Henri looked at her and motioned her to alight from the carriage. But first he took her in his arms and kissed her. She clung to him and kissd back. It no longer mattered that he might have been unfaithful, he was here when she needed him. They clung to each other when the coachman hollered out, "someone approaches."

Henri drew his sword to protect her. The Count deLafayette rode up the carriage. His eyes shot sharp daggers at the couple in each others arms.  

 "What are you doing with my wife," he shouted. " She's a traitor to the court," he snickered. And with that he struck Henri in the chest with his sword. Henri feel to the ground and Renee screamed his name. " Henri, my love."

The Count jumped from his horse and grabbed her by the arm, jerking her off her feet. He slashed at her cheek and blood rushed out. He screamed at her, " you whore, you traitor, you must die. " And he jabbed her in the chest. She crumpled at his feet and lay moaning, trying to get to Henri who lay awfully still. The Count turned and stalked back to his horse and galloped off.

The sunbeat down on the two bodies. The coachman was no where to be seen. Renee could feel her heart beating slower and slower. Her blood seemingly to be buckets was actually just a thin red stream leaking from her body. A feeling of peace came over her, she heard birds singing and felt a hand on her shoulder. She looked up into the face of Henri.

He smiled and took her hand, put it to his lips and kissed her fingers. " Now, my love, it's time for us to go." He smiled. There was no pain, there was no sorrow, just an incredible feeling of love washed over her. She rose with his help and together they were wisked up into the sunlight, light as a feather and all seemed right with the day. The horses were snorting, the coachman was smiling and she and Henri were getting into the carriage. The horses moved gracefully as if they too were floating. She looked at Henri "What happend" she asked. Henri laughed and said, " don't you remember, my love, we are vampires, we are immortal and now we go to our next life.

Renee smiled and looked out the window. Outside the window, the sky darkened and night fell. The moon was big and full and she noticed she no longer was dressed in her clothes. It was some sort of dress, but it was like a Goddess with a royal septor in her hand. Sitting next to her was Henri, bearing a crown kind of like a turban but filled with jewels. Henri smiled and said, 


(Skye) & Darrel

To The Dawn
Of A New
Magickal Day!
  Magick For Your Life!
   Skye Is Now Amongst Us
As A Spirit!