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Haunted Magick brings the truly rare and wildly hunted Fairy Dragon.  We are the first to present them to the world.  Entombed is the spirit of the Turquoise Fairy dragon known as "Bubbles."  Her vessel is this adorable amethyst gemstone in sterling silver celtic design.   Stone is one half inch wide by three quarters long, not including the silver work. Size 6. 


               THERE BE DRAGONS HERE

From the Land of Feydom  comes the elusive and rare Fairy Dragon.   Her name is Bubbles because she is turquoise colored.  Fairy Dragons come in all colors but turquoise is hard to find.   The best thing to know and understand about Fairy dragons is:

           THEY ARE IMMUNE TO MAGICK                                  
The Fairy Dragon can do amazing things to magickal energy, absorb it, redirect it, even nullify it entirely. They have a powerful natural defense against magick and the unique ability to phase out of reality. Fairy Dragons are very, very smart and are able to speak our language.  They often will give a high keen to let you know they are around.  They often travel in packs, but prefer to have one friend along with them at all times.

They do well in any environment.  They are the favorite mode of transportation for nearly all of the wee folk.  Fairies in particular.  If your fairy came without her pet dragon, she likely will be letting you know she wants him/her by her side, and they have been known to leave a keeper if her pet has not been secured for her. 

All Fairy dragons pretty much look the same except for colors.  Their wings are generally transparent and moth-like with varying degrees of colors, solids, blends, or with polka dots and/or stripes sprinkled about.  They vary in size from about three inches to 12 inches. Over 12 inches is not technically a Fairy Dragon.  Fairy dragons are able to increase or decrease their sizes. 

Their scales are shimmering, and most all are iridescent.   They have feathery antennas that sprout above their eyes, which are always the same color as their scales.  Fairy Dragons are the same as normal dragons in that they are actually serpents, which means they fly instead of slitherng. Fairy dragons' feet are more like rubbery duck webs than claws.   Fairy Dragons are not fearsome but will be if the need for protecting their keeper comes about.

Fairy Dragons are impossible to catch and will visit you if they want to be your friend.  They are mystical spirits.  They are very sweet and love to snuggle with their keepers.  Fairy dragons in the wild eat juniper berries but in captivity they love blueberries and blackberries.   

                    DON'T FEED THEM ANY                                             CHOCOLATE

Chocolate won't kill them but they will have a terrible tummy ache.  One tiny berry will keep them fed for about three months.  No liquids except for cool water. An occasional bit of fresh mint helps keep their breath happy  and you and the fairies are not holding your nose.  Yu don't have to be a gardener to plant a tiny pot of fresh mint on your kitchen counter. 

They can fly faster than you can blink, therefore they  are hard to ever get a glimpse of, but you should know they are around by the high keen or just the fact that your fairies are always happy.  The dragons and the fairies have a language only they understand, however you can talk to the dragons and perhaps you will get a talky.  Listen for  giggles from them and the fairies.

Fairy Dragons sleep with their friend and with their keepers, usually in the wee morning hours.  And they have been known to snore like an asthmatic camel. They get along with all other pets, from dogs and cats to snakes and racoons. 

The Fairy Dragons are absolutely crazy for smoking, which is natural for them.  So if on occasion you see a tiny wisp of smoke don't be alarmed. Often when they are being ridden by their Fairy they will stop in mid-flight and hover near the tv. Once he has satisfied his curiosity he will fly on his  way, with his fairy scolding him. 

Bubbles is pretty much like any other Fairy Dragon except for her color, which is rare among Dragons. She is very beautiful and yet is humble. Her most  important thing in life is her family of keepers. Bubbles has the gifts of:



                       PSYCHIC SHIELD

                    PENDULUM  SCRYING

                         COSMIC ENERGY

                         SPIRIT BONDING

                 GUIDES YOU ON THE PATH

                       EXPERIENCE PMA

          CONVERTING NEGATIVE ENERGY                             INTO POSITIVE ENERGY


                    KARMA CLEANSING


                     THINK CLEARLY 

All Fairy dragons have the same 13 gifts to bestow upon those they choose. The Great Immortal Merlin spell cast the first Fairy Dragon and they have been with us ever since. Very few humans have any belief in Fairies and Fairy Dragons, but those of us who do have the courage to believe know that they are all around us and they do indeed bring magick into our world. Everyone should be so lucky. 

  Bubbles has an additional thirteen gifts to bestow.

                SPREADER OF WHITE LIGHT 

                     MEDITATION FOCUS


                 INSPIRATIONAL  IDEALS

            NEW MOON ENERGY FOR NEW                                        BEGINNINGS

            FULL MOON ENERGY FOR FULL                            SUPERNATURAL POWERS

            ENCOURAGEMENT TO FULFILL                                  YOUR AMBITIONS



                 CREATES CONNECTION TO                                        UNIVERSAL CHI

                     TELEPATHY ABILITIES 

                      INCREASED ENERGY

                     IMPROVED INTUITION

(Skye) & Darrel

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      THE ELUSIVE RARE FAIRY DRAGONS                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 MERRY MEET MY FRIENDS  

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