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From the enchanted land of the little folks, as the Native Americans call the fairies, comes this charmed silver-tone and antiqued bracelet that is adorned with four faux turquoise stones, numerous turquoise color rhinestones, 4 black stones of unknown origin, and 2 clear rhinestones. The bracelet is fitted with a spring hinge so it can be opened for putting it on your wrist. This is an extremely rare spirit. She comes from the land of the Native Americans. She is of Cherokee descent, from the tribe known as the Dogwood tribe. They are cousins to the Scottish Brownie. The Dogwood are one of three known bands of Native American fairies. 

In a land of morning dew drops and sparkling sunlight lives the fairies. There is no darkness in the land of the Fey. Evil has been imported to the Caves of Darkness.

In American Indian beliefs, it is believed that the Dogwood Little Folks are spirits that are much like our Angels.  The Native American is high on believing that all things contain spirits, and are connected to Mother Earth.  There are  nice good  Spirits and  there are bad, bad ones. There are Plant Spirits, Tree Spirits and Rock People, all very real and living life.  If you love fairies then you will not be able to do otherwise with Kamama, which is butterfly in Cherokee language. 

The Dogwood is a very beautiful tree. The Dogwood People are the ones that are the  best at always doing what is good for their keeper. The Laurel People are the ones that play tricks and are very mischievous. They are humorous and very playful.  It is the Rock  People who are the bad ones. They are mean bullies and they get even with people who do not treat them right or have respect for them.  Try not to encounter a Rock Little Folk. And as for the Dogwood people, it is said that they are good-hearted and enjoy taking care of us when they can.

Kamama is a lovely light brown skin fairy with long black hair and big brown eyes.   Her laughter is infectious and once you have bonded with her, she is friendly and above all a protector and a guardian.  She is a shapeshifter and can often  appear as  a deer, cat, rabbit or a bird, her favorites but could appear in over a hundred ways including  as herself which is only seven and one half inches tall.  Kamama has a razor sharp look in her eye when she encounters a foe. Fairies are regarded as brave and proud.  She speaks her native dialect as well as english. She may even offer to help you learn a few words of her language. 

Kamama makes a wonderful friend to sip a cool beverage or a cup of coffee with you any time.  She is a best friend forever and a captivating  fresh joy in your and your families life.  Generous, loving, small in stature but has an  outstanding personality and her presence is as a beloved friend and guardian against all evil and bad magick. Kamama is youthful although she is a bit over 5,000 years old. She is highly playful and sometimes on the mischievous side. 

Kamama is a lover of the sun and the moon and will often be caught gazing at night or playing with the fireflies ,  During the day she loves to be outside among the plants , but will always go where you wish.  Drum sounds bring a dance to her feet. 

Many times Fairies  appear to us and we don't even know they are there. Being shapeshifters they can come in hundreds of ways, but being spirits of light they most often appear as some form of pure light  and pure energy.  You may not even know when they are around but they are indeed hovering near you. If you see a "ghostlight" or an orb or white light dancing over the water, or among the trees and flowers,  an unexpected breeze from nowhere you can be sure Kamama is by your side. 

The Fairies enjoy other Fairies to giggle and play with and even tho she is of Indian decent she gets along with other fairies.  If you are a fisherman person, watch out for her favorite trick.  Kamama will tangle your fishing line with a stick and make you think it is a huge fish, only for you to reel it in and see it is a tiny stick...They want to make you laugh and keep you young-at-heart, just as they are. 

Fairies are magickal people and must be respected, never be laughed at but always laughing with them. Their sense of humor is varied just like most people,but it is always wise to let them know you also expect respect. They are high on karma and will often call you out for going down the wrong path to happiness.  Treat all fairies, all animals, and all humans with respect and love and friendship and Kamama will make your life one of divine happiness. 

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