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                         MERMAID'S TEARS

               MERRY MEET MY FRIENDS

                         HAUNTED MAGICK



                 FINALLY BACK IN STOCK 

From the oceans surrounding Atlantis comes the jewels of the sea.  Called Mermaid Tears, they are sculpted by the waves for hundreds of years. Charged and spelled with an ancient  power for the joy, happiness and healthiness of the dragons, fairies, djinns, angels, and all other mystical entities.  The dragons especially love and treasure them. They love mixing the mermaid tears with their Haunted Glass Stones to make a beautiful treasure pile.  You will receive 8-10 pieces of beautiful sea glass in pleasing colors, in a free charged gold or silver bag. 


Dragons and other magickal and supernatural spirits need to be nurtured a bit just, as all of us wish to be. The spirit of these magickal entities lives to serve their Keepers. Keeping them happy, healthy and lovable is our job. They reward us with all our dreams and wishes coming true. 

Sea Glass is called Mermaids Tears of the Sea. It comes from the mermaids who fell in love with human ship captains when the mermaids would swim alongside of their ships. Poseidon became angry with the mermaids and cast them forever to the bottom of the sea. Their tears became hard drops and eventually washed up onto the sands on all beaches. 

             BUT OUR MERMAID'S TEARS ARE                           ENCHANTED AND SACRED

Haunted Magick's Mermaid Tears  come only from the waters surrounding the Lost City of Atlantis. The special water from the Atlantis ocean churns and tosses them for many years before they wash up on the sands of time.  Only beings of the magickal light know where the Lost City of Atlantis lies in it's entirely under a certain Ocean,  at an unknown latitude and longitude.  Only
once a year some spirit witches are allowed to gather them up. 

We are not allowed to ever let the known location be revealed. We must bring our Mermaid Tears home in the sea water surrounding Atlantis.  Atlantis is the most famous and revered land ever in our world and it has the mighty and most energetic white light magick

Every magickal entity has some Mermaid Tears in their element.  Many us of carry a piece everywhere we go, usually in the form of a piece of jewelry.  Dragons are attracted by the beauty and smoothness of it.  Since dragons  sometimes water dragons they were the first to find them and bring to land for their fellow dragons to enjoy. Mermaid tears became a tool for giving good health to magickal beings and dragons in particular and a loveable treasure because of their beauty.They are vital to keeping a magickal entity  happy and healthy.

We take the Mermaid Tears and we put them through a difficult 
and long ritual charging them with the strongest magick possible. Between our power,  dragon's power and mermaid's power  you end up with the most sacred and powerful talisman . Consecrated  and conjuring ,performed by the power of three, the strongest energy is used and transferred into the pieces of sea glass. 

Mermaid Tears are good for your adult dragons and your baby dragons as well.  Any magickal being's spirit life is enhanced with the mermaid tears.  It gives them joy and  like a dog with a bone, a cat with catnip, they love them.  Mermaid tears makes their hearts beat faster. 

Giving your spirits Mermaid Tears for their very own can help with all sort of magickal rituals, good living, spirit knowledge, including the benefits that are also provided for you as well as them. 


                               ALIGNMENT OF CHAKRAS

                                      AURA  CLEANSING 

                                  EMOTIONAL BALANCE

                                    DRIVES AWAY EVIL

                                     SELF HYPNOSIS                                       

                      JOY AND PLEASURE FOR THE SPIRITS                                  

                         STRONGER SPIRIT INTERACTION




                                       POTENT POWER


                        TRANSFORMS NEGATIVE ENERGY

                                      OPENS THIRD EYE



                                       ASTRAL TRAVEL

                                DREAM INTERPRETATION

                                BETTER REIKI KNOWLEDGE

Remember negative energy is everywhere. Our spirit guides are everywhere. It's no wonder they can pick it up.  For your spirits they will admire it for it's beauty and they may take pieces away with them if they desire, or they may just look and touch it with their own spirit.  The dragons will try to hoard it because they absolutely love it so much they want as much as they can get. 

My advice is to keep it handy in a bowl , a dish, or any container that is open and not covered.  Place some in special areas, carry a piece yourself, you can even have it made into jewelry if you want. I have a lady that makes beautiful pieces and she is reasonably priced. Contact me if you wish to have her contact you.  Place some around outside also, like in a bird bath or in a container on the patio. Drop a few pieces in a goldfish bowl or pond. Place a few pieces in your car or other mode of transportation.  There is no limit to where it would be 
beneficial for humans and spirit beings.  Your spirits will reward your thoughtfulness and generosity. 

      SO MOTE IT BE