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             THE HAUNTED RATON 
               THE BULL PENDANT


                 HAUNTED MAGICK


             THE HAUNTED RATON
               THE BULL PENDANT

Raton, the most famous and feared  of the famous Spanish Fighting Bulls is the most famous and feared bull in Spain. And now Raton, the half ton beast, who killed three men and injured dozens more in bullfighting fiestas, is the symbol of strength and a strong mind.  His pendant is a stainless steel bull's head on a steel ball chain. 21 inches long.   Non gender.  Length i 2.2 inches X widith of 1.7 inches.  The best for blockage of PMA.  



Hear the call of thundering hooves. Feel the earth tremble. Do you feel the call? When you think of a bull you get a mental picture of a couragous and fighting spirit.  Raton, the most powerful spirit you will ever encounter.
His powers are for YOU ALONE. Just imagine an entity of this magnitude with nothing to do but help you focus on what you desire most in all this world.  

The spirit of Raton is ancient.  His gift to you brings enlightenment and opens a path of understanding in which his keeper benefits from profusely. He is far beyond powerful and ready to speed you on the right path.  He is aware of future events, and past events, and using this knowledge he will clean up any lingering bad karma you may have that is blocking you from doing great things in this lifetme. There will be no room for error or ill repercussions. He is he highest of the high.  

 He is proficient in all the ways of locking your mind on what you need to do to achieve your desires.   He blends the old ancient wisdom and strong mind with the new, and nothing is more powerful. He knows the ways inside your mind and seeks out the resolve you need to receive your highest thoughts and directs them to the spirits that are watching over you.  No one can keep a secret from Raton. Your thoughts and desires are child's play to Raton. It will only bring you higher and higher elevating your status and bank account like you never believed possible. 

You can wish for practically anything, and even if you don't feel you expressed it quite right, it doesn't matter. He will know what it is you're trying to achieve.... When the energies are triggered by the touching of the Vessel, you are ready to receive the powers of Raton.  

Blockages of the spirits and of the mind are common among those who wish to attain a higher status than normal people. It can be nerve-wracking and disheartening to those that cannot seem to break through them.  Indeed it is probably the hardest thing you will ever try to do. BUT, you will succeed if you have the will to overcome the obstacles.  Here is where Raton the Bull shines.  His powerful spirit can and will clear your mind of doubts and fears and the tremendous worries of everyday life.

        THIS IS WHAT IS CAUSING YOUR                                      BLOCKAGE...

When the mind is clouded with doubts you are only focusing on what you don't want. You may think you are being positive when actually you are thinking negative.  


If, for example ,you are thinking I want to be rich. That Is just a wish in the form of a statement and one that is not true. BUT, when you think 

                         I AM RICH 

you open the door to your core of belief.  "Pretending" you are rich gives the universe the idea you are rich and it sets about making that statement  come TRUE. Everyone thinks in the "I want" version rather than in the "I am".  Raton teaches your mind to always say the right thing. Raton shows you the path of positive rather than the path of negative.  A path most people do not even realize they are on.  

Any kind of negative can and will  block you from achieving your real life you are meant to have.  Even a simple statement stating you will never achieve your hopes and dreams, the word never is picked up and acted upon.  Something as everyday  common as saying, something like, "With my luck" is a prequel to "bad luck."    YOU HAVE TO START ADDING THE WORD "GOOD." You have to start believing what you say and then acting upon what you say. 



Raton is  VERY POWERFUL, and not for the weak at heart. He's going to get you EXACTLY what YOU WANT. So be sure that you really desire serious change in your life. If you want MONEY AND SUCCESS AND POWER, then he's going to get it for you. You MUST be sure that you want more in life than what you already have.

Everyone thinks they want change, but secretly, often to even yourself, you don't want change, 


This is what Raton is best at.  Bulls are, well they are 'BULLHEADED'. They are determined to to have their way. They will fight to the death. Raton did many times. he was stuck by the picadore, which just enraged him more. Raton gored many men and horses and was never killed, he died of old age. 

If you are needing help to become the positive person you want and need to be, if you are looking to unblock your fears and manage your life with more of the "good things"in life then you need the spirit of Raton. 


Read below a bit of Raton's exploits in life.

                                    RATON THE BULL

A 1,100-pound bull named Ratón, "Mouse" in Spanish. "He is the king of bulls in Spain."

The bull may be Spain's unofficial national symbol, but few achieve renown in their lifetimes.  Ratón—one of thousands of bulls that chase amateur and professional bull runners in annual town festivals— whipped up a fervor like few in the bull-running business have seen in years.

The Baddest Bull in Spain used to come onto the scene with  a  roaring crowd standing on their feet, with the music over the loudspeaker playing the theme from The Good, The Bad and the Ugly.  Mouse as he  is called by family is a "rock star. " 

The prices Ratón's owner charged for public appearances of the black bull with white on his snout and belly soared, and spectators jamed bull-running arenas just to get a glimpse of the famed animal—who had gored two runners to death. In winter, people drive for hours and pay €20 (about $27) to visit his ranch.

"Without a doubt, Ratón will be the bull of our time," says Vicente Benavent, a longtime bull rancher in this eastern region of Spain.

Ratón's popularity stands out particularly because Spain's other major bull event, bullfighting, was under siege in many parts of the country. Barcelona held its last-ever bullfight amid a new regional ban of the spectacle. Bull runs were and are going strong. In fact, while Catalonia banned bullfights, it didn't touch bull runs. That would have caused an uproar.

Running bulls started in the Middle Ages as Spanish ranchers had to transport the fierce beasts to town, says Juan Pablo de Benito Polo, an organizer of Spain's oldest bull run in Cuellar. Today, a typical bull run, like the most famous one in Pamplona, takes place in narrow city streets or in a dirt arena. Obstacles including staircase pyramids and high stages dot the rings to give bull runners a refuge as they dodge the bulls.

The ultimate goal of a bull run is to put on a good show. Professional bull runners will run very close to the bulls and try to get the beasts to climb the pyramid or the high table and sometimes do flips and jump over and around them. The bull run is over (in the case of those that take place in arenas rather than down city streets) after about 15 to 20 minutes.

There is no "objective" per se other than spectacle. At the end the rancher removes the bull from the arena by opening a side door or by bringing in a tame bull the fierce bull will follow out of the ring.

Passionate fans of bullfighting, which emerged in its modern form in the 1700s, turn up their noses at bull running. A bullfight involves a highly choreographed sequence in which a matador faces down and typically kills a bull bred to be fierce.

It is a nearly religious ritual with ancient undertones of man-versus-beast rivalry, says Juan Medina, a bullfighting blogger and professor of economic theory at the University of Extremadura in Badajoz, Spain. Bullfights have "a certain liturgy, an officiant—a sort of priest who dresses in lights and carries out a form of sacrifice of the bull," he says. "I don't see that sense of mysticism in bull runs. They seem to me more like a game."

Gregorio Jesús García Collantes, Ratón's owner and a former matador, responds that not everyone has it in him to be a bullfighter. Bull runs allow regular people to face their fears.

From an early age, Ratón, who was born in 2000, showed a wily intelligence, Mr. García Collantes says. Instead of slamming into barriers protecting spectators, Ratón was able to turn quickly and keep following runners. Obstacles in bull-run arenas that flummoxed other bulls Ratón simply jumped onto in one leap.  

In the early 2000s, word began to spread in the Valencia region about the smart and agile bull. "Ratón can trick you. You go around a high stage one way and he'll meet you on the other side," says José Vicente Ponce, a 34-year-old former professional bull runner who worked with the bull.

People started flocking to the beast's appearances and posting videos online. On Facebook and Twitter, people praised the bull and requested he go after bankers and politicians. In 2007, people started paying to see the animal at his ranch.

Even when Ratón's exploits turn deadly—in addition to the two deaths at least five people have been injured—supporters have stuck by him and amplified his fame.

"Other bulls trip over themselves and don't know where they're going. They don't think. This bull thinks," said José Maestro Figueres on a recent afternoon after trying to get a glimpse of the beast over the wall of Ratón's ranch in Sueca, Spain.

Some bull ranchers, who have been hurting amid the economic crisis, complain that Ratón is only getting attention for the deaths and injuries.

While bull ranchers typically charge about €1,000 for each appearance of their bulls, Ratón has commanded fees 10 times as high, according to press reports.

Mr. García Collantes won't disclose Ratón's fees, but agrees that they are higher than for other bulls.

Expectations were high ahead of the other bulls and tickets to the event  were  sold out, as people lined up outside the arena hours before the bull appeared.

At show time, Ratón sprinted into the dirt arena to the soundtrack of "The Last of the Mohicans," and the crowd stood and cheered.  Raton died at 11 years old of old age and was stuffed and mounted by his owner for his fans. His spirit lives on.  

      SO MOTE IT BE 


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