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                      HAUNTED MAGICK



A charming and very strong magickal ring for children. Spelled with the fairies, Four clear rhinestones and two  pink Amethyst chips. Silver Plated. Child's Size 7 adjustable. Worn on a finger or on a chain around the neck. 

This lovely ring is the gateway portal to your world of the fairies. The land of white light and pure goodness. 
The powers that are infused inside this vessel are:

                Protection From Evil 

            Banishes Negative Energy 

      Rids Children of Stress and Anxiety 

                 Extends Friendship

   Brings Joy and Laughter to the Wearer

                 Animal Understanding 

                  Happy Dream Magick

In every way, the Pink Rose fairy will win your heart. She will make short work of any evil doer. She is beautiful with long blonde curly hair, deep violet eyes. She stands all of eight inches tall and delights in making her Keeper laugh. She has a delightful sense of humor and enjoys spending time with her keeper in pursuit of fun. She is full of affection and shows herself quite often. 

In a land of morning dew drops and sparkling sunshine lives the fairies. There is no darkness in this land and evil has been banished to the Caves of Darkness on another plane. 

 It was just the time between dark and light. Twilight time. The best time to open the door to the land of the fairies. Dort the white shaggy dog lay on the grass watching the tiny pin-points of light flitting about the flowers and the trees. 

Only animals can see the little people clearly. A human might, just might, if they look through the dew drops
formed by the mist of the morning.  But rarely does a human see even a tiny flicker. To see them you must be
clear in your mind, good in your heart and believe in the fairies.

Dort lay still with his head cocked to one side, for he was listening to the high pitched jabbering of the fairies. It seems they were all in an uproar over the fact that a young witch named DeeDee had tried to enter into their land the night before. 

By spell-casting in the wee hours of the morning DeeDee opened the  teeny tiny doorway to the land of
Fayedom. Oh, this was not an  ordinary young witch. This was a powerful teenage witch from the Coven of Morganthall.

A Morganthall witch is a grand and glorious magickal being from the world of magick, beyond the veils of
time. DeeDee was a young witch that had been thrice charmed by her powerful family. She had powers beyond most teenage witches.

Her reasons for wanting to enter nto the Faye kingdom was to warn them of an otherwise evil  fairy who was about to enter their world and try to destroy Fayedom.

The powerful evil sorceress wanted to make the fairies beholden to her and therefore under her extreme
powers. She was known as the Black Rose Fairy and the evil sorceress was  LaDonna Bella the Death Queen.  

Together they would rule Fayedom and enslave the good fairies whose white magick was even stronger than their black magick. But put the two magicks together and you could rule the world of all magick.

DeeDee had been on an astral trip through the various worlds of magick when she came upon the plot against
Fayedom. She knew she had to get to the good fairies and warn them of the impending danger. 

LaDonna Bella was an evil Queen and not to be taken lightly. Her cohort, the Black Rose Fairy, had been banished from Fayedom for practicing black magick and turning toadstools into poisonous ones. Toadstools were used for the roofs of the fairy houses and a poisoned one would leak bad luck and evil thoughts into a fairy family living under it.  

DeeDee had not been entirely successful in entering the fairy world because she was so big. She was
afterall human size. How was she going to warn the fairies of this evil magick coming their way? DeeDee looked down at her hand and when she noticed her ring she knew it  was the doorway to the land of the fairies.

The shiny stones glittered and blinked back at her. All of the magick world knew of the extraordinary Morganthall rings. How they were blessed with good strong magick and  no one could or would use them for bad. Calling her dog, Dort, to her she slipped the magick ring onto his collar and bade him to go forth to the fairy door and give this ring of great power to King Frankennmuth of Fayedom. He would know then that she meant them no harm but that she had a most important message for him. A dog was a symbol to the fairies of friendship and no harm would come to them. The white shaggy dog ran into the flower bed and thrust his nose into the stand of Honeysuckle that grew on the posts and covered the arch.

The fairy King was surrounded by the guards of his castle, and the great dog was led into the presence  of the King. The king bounced upon the dog's back and took hold of his collar.  The silver ring with its glistening pink stones caught the sunlight and  flashed its sparkle in the King's eye.

Riding on the back of the dog the King went forth into the human world and DeeDee told him of the coming danger. With that he whisked himself back into fayedom and they prepared for the invasion of Black Rose and  LaDonna Bella. 

When the Black Rose Fairy and the Queen LaDonna Bella descended into Fayedom, they were met with the highest white magick that the fairies possessed. Along with the powerful spell and the good magick of the Morganthall witches the Black Rose Fairy and  Queen LaDonna Bella were defeated and sent to reside in the dark caves of hopelessness forever. 

 Only good magick could unlock the gates of the caves and therefore the bad Queen and her cohort, the Black
Rose Fairy, could never leave the caves. They were doomed to live in darkness and cold for eternity. 

DeeDee allowed the land of Faye to keep her ring in case they ever needed to get a message to her. To this day
all of Fayedom still remembers the day the great shaggy dog came to warn them of the evil Queen and her black fairy. Due to this tale of evil doings, the whole kingdom lived happily ever.  

               SO MOTE IT BE

    Skye---The Founder Of No Longer With Us
Here On Earth.