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An exotic pair of earrings with the falling leaves of time, pierced gold tone metal. Earrings are arranged in falling leaves in a magickal pattern of nine. Approximately 4 inches long. A totally exotic look for the lady who is a star herself. 



You can't go wrong with the power of these earrings. Sally has a sad and tragic story, but it's so full of magick power you can feel the spirit of Sally June just by holding the package in your hand after you receive it. There is a coldness about it when you put the earrings on, but soon the heat of Sally June's blood begins to pulsate. 

Release that negative energy to the Cosmos. Your life will begin to change as soon as you possess them. All you need do is to believe in the power. The spirit world is powerful and transcends our understanding and is rich in divine secret knowledge of the mystical ways of beyond. 

We are happy and honored to have selected these for Sally and to pass its care onto you. It is to be treasured and passed on into infinity. May the power of Sally June Mozure bring you the health, happiness and riches you desire and deserve. All we ask is that you are a true believer, for that is the only way magick works.

This charmed pair of earrings is inbued with the powers of haunted spirits. It is our hope that we can assist those who are not fortunate enough to have been born with a magickal spirit in their lives.

As to ourselves, we are blessed to have been born and married into the powers of haunted spirits and as such we have no need of any extra help. It is my pleasure to assist you in your journey through life. We pass on to you this great and glorious gift. I wish to share with you the experience of living among spirits just as I do with love, hope and joy in your heart. 












                   ASTRAL TRAVEL SPELL                                     












Hollywood during the 1930's was a time of frivolity. The glamorous stars of the day were young and full of gratification of their every desire. Most had come from a background of poverty or near poverty.  

Suddenly their financial troubles were over. Luxury was a common thing now. Mansions, luxury cars, champagne, furs and jewels were the norm. However, the youngest starlets and their male counterparts had not made the grade, but they lived on the fringes of this exciting life.

Sally June Mozure was one of these. A pretty dark haired young lady, nice figure, beautiful face and luxurient hair, she was an extra player at the movies, not yet even a bit player. Low man on the totem pole. A hot-blooded, spirited madcap flapper who loved the party life. And above all she was a witch.  

Sally belonged to a coven known as the Black Roses of Maldanado of Hollywood. As time went on Sally June met more and more important people in the movie business.  

She received more invitations to important parties. Each one got a little wilder and more men began pursuing Sally. Men from the famous to the not so famous. And the wilder they got the more the inebriated men seemed to be looser of tongue. Some black secrets were whispered in her ears.  

Secrets like Loretta Young had had a baby by Clark Gable, an affair with Spenser Tracy. Clara Bow had slept with an entire football team. Jean Harlow had an affair with her stepfather,

Of course, Garbo was a lesbian and there were too many famous men actors who were living inside a closet. Even the dead were exposed, like Valentino who was rumored to be a closet lover. But the biggest scandle of all was the tryst of a Hollywood mogul and several child stars of either sex. Yes, it was the days of the most depraved of Hollywood. No wonder the code of conduct was established in 1934. It certainly was a Hollywood Babylon.

It was the personification of the flaming Roaring Twenties, continued into the 1930s. Sally had won a photo contest and that led her to Hollywood. Girls from all over the country competed, and the 1st prize was a part in a movie. The contest judges paid no attention to her until she did her screen test, and then they unanimously chose her over all the other girls.She got the part, but it was later cut from the movie.

 She exuded sex appeal from every pore in her sexy body and was not afraid to flaunt it. She personified "flaming youth in rebellion". She worked many jobs just keeping her head above water. She took jobs considered as working class gals, manicurists, showgirls and the like.

This was a time to emancipate young Americans from the restrictive Victorian morals their parents had been raised with. Sally June was unashamed about being attracted to men and went after them with gusto. She cut her dresses up to look sexier, cut off her hair, applied her red lipstick in the shape of a the famous "Clara Bow imination, drank and smoked in public, and danced all night long. And in secret she became a witch. Hollywood shunned her when it was exposed.

Sally lived in fear of becoming like her mother who was mentally unstable and had once threatened to kill Sally. Sally took her witchy ritual as a serious instrument to help her to close her past self doubt and unhappiness.  

She had a, poverty-stricken childhood in a small town in Arizona.  Her parents never wanted her in the first place and she was often lonesome, frightened and just miserable in general. She never had toys, nor clothes, and many times she had nothing to eat. She mainly just lived to get away from home. She left home when she was fifteen years old and headed for Hollywood.

With her exotic beauty it didn't take her long to get up on her feet, at least what Sally viewed as on her feet. She often went to bed hungry. On the times when a man took her out to dinner, she always brought home the leftovers, and she always made sure she had leftovers. Then she would dine on them at least twice. Money was tight but it was a beautiful world in lush palm tree soaked Hollywood. A far cry from the few desert palms in Safford, Arizona.

Sally hit the pavement hawking her self for anything in the movie business. She met a sweet girl named Evelyn and they moved in together, sharing the rent and food. Evelyn was a sweet young lady, quite unused to the flambouyant Sally. The old adage like attracts like was totally not true in this case.

They surprisingly got along very well. Evelyn taught Sally about manners and urged her on in the movies. Evelyn had high hopes herself but not as an actress. She had started down the road of stardom but soon found it to be something that would never be. She took up photography and dreamed her own dreams. Evelyn also wanted to be a grand lady with a family and money to leave behind a great dynasty. Evelyn was a stay-at-home who read books as much as she could. Sally studied scripts for auditions. Neither girl lived to fulfill their ambitions.

 In 1932 Sally met another young starlet named Peg Entwistle, who was an actress whose career wasn't going so hot. In fact, her life really wasn't going so hot. Her widowed father was killed in a traffic accident shortly after the two of them immigrated to America from Wales.

His accident left her completely broke, so she earned money by working on Broadway. Unfortunately, the Great Depression hit and people could no longer afford to spend money on extras like the theater. Peg started drinking heavily and headed to L.A. to pursue acting in April 1932. Peg arrived in Hollywood and she and Sally met at a casting company. They became fast friends.

Only a few months apart both Sally and Peg would be dead. 

Peg received a role in the movie Thirteen Women, but her screen time ended up getting drastically cut. Right around this time, RKO Pictures decided not to renew her contract and didn't even invite her to the September premiere of Thirteen Women. The night of the premiere, she told her uncle (whom she was living with) she was taking a walk. She headed for the famous 50-foot Hollywood sign (which still said Hollywoodland at the time). 

 She folded her coat, placed it on the ground next to her purse, climbed the maintenance ladder of the "H" and jumped. Her body was found two days later. Sadly, her uncle said that the day she was found, a letter arrived offering her the lead role in a stage production. Her character would have committed suicide in the final act.

Both Sally and Evelyn attended Peg's funeral and had no idea that her suicide would be one of the most famous cases of suicide in Hollywood history. Sally went on about her days and nights of drinking and hard partying. 

 Evelyn fell in with the Hollywood crowd but refused to associate with the darker side. She quite often begged Sally to stop her ways and concentrate on her path to stardom, but Sally couldn't stop her party life. It comsumed her. In the dqylight hours she was able ro pick up a few gigs of pin up girls modeling. Mostly of the establishment making fun of her connections with witches. 

Sally June was alone on the night of January 13th, 1933 preparing for a witch ritual of very powerful magick. She had confronted a most powerful mogul and he had in turn kicked her out of his studio. Sally June had changed from the Black Arts to Good white magic, but she was out to expose the man, and save a child's life.  

Sally June had performed a magick ritual on her black rose ring that belonged to the Highest Preistess of her coven. All thirteen members wore a black rose ring to signal one another that they did indeed belong to the coven. When the Hollywood hot shot had kicked her out of the studio that morning she had rushed home and worked all day mixing a potion and writing a spell to ruin him.

 That night she donned a black velvet gown and hooded robe, along with the ring on her finger. She had lit her candles and danced and disrobed beneath the Moon and at the stroke of midnight she had plunged the ring into the potion, chanted the spell & was now laying spent on the ground with the ring back upon her finger.

  She knew the man was cast out of Hollywood. She sat up and raised her arms to the moon and at the moment the moonrays hit the ring, a stealthy black shadow slipped behind her and slit her throat with a sharp dagger. Her blood spurted and spilled down over the ring as life beat a hasty retreat from her body. Sally's time had run out. 

The stealthy black shadow kept plunging the knife, obliterating her face from the forces of time. The anger and jealousy and hate was a volitile and tangilable thing. Her lifeless body was stabbed 19 times, the years of her life. Power was a unyeilding motive. Sally's body had retreated from their earthbound bonds, but her spirit was another thing. It refused to cross over into the veils of mystery.

As her soul left her body it spiraled down and into the blood soaked black rose ring. Sally June Mozure's soul vowed to protect and hold dear to her heart those that were in need of protection from the sinful ways and wicked people of this world. 

Sally's soul has taken many vessels since that night and she now resides in this pair of lovely dangling earrings. They fit here personally to a tee. If bad luck stalks you, if health problems dog your footsteps, if pain or fear or both have you locked in battle, Sally is your answer.

To this day she protects those in danger. If riches have evaded you she will change your life. The madcap spirit of the jazz age, the premier flapper, the flapper who is laughin' and dancin' haunts this lovely pair of exotic earrings. They are filled with the effervescent charm of the lovely girl whose life ended in tragedy. 

(Skye) & Darrel

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