Their home had many alters throughout the house and each one was used for certain gifts. Spellcasting and rituals have all been documented and we will keep all of them for posterity. Align yourself with Universal Wealth, Health and Love Energy by soaking up the vibrating frequencies that you can tap into. Experience spiritual riches for yourself and your loved ones. Bona Fortuna. ( Good Luck)!

(Skye) & Darrel

                          VOODOO HIGH PRIEST

The crest above is the Trosclair crest, representing the Voodoo Loa Damballah Wedo, the snake Loa, entwined on a fluer-de-lis, symbol of New Orleans. Both Clovis and Mozelle were from New Orleans originally. Mozelle was a descendent of Avetante Abelard Avetante, the famous Doctor Cracker, widely known as the most powerful hoodoo white man, being a French half Gypsy, half Jewish magician.

Sometimes you run across the most unexpected, highly charged individuals in the paranormal world. Such is the case with this most haunted estate, belonging to the Voodoo couple of Jefferson Island. I want to introduce you to two of the wildest spirits I have had the pleasure of meeting. They can and will bring magick into your life. 
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 When my Father was still alive he did probate work for many of his clients and friends. He was a warlock, from England orIginally, and had settled with my Mother here in America. They lived in the River Oaks section of Houston, Texas. He was approached by a couple who had inherited a sizable estate from a deceased uncle and aunt who lived on Jefferson Island, off the Louisiana coastline. They hired my Father to go down and take an inventory for them so they could dispose of the estate.

You must know that the world of paranormal has always been a secretive and very closed society. Of course, this was because the world was not and still is not ready for the paranormal activity that brands some of us as "kooks and nuts."

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 This world involves believers and non-believers of the spirit world. Today it seems that there are more believers than ever, but still heralded by most of the "straight population" as kooks and nuts. We don't mind, we are used to the non-believers. The estate had been owned by a couple from the Voodoo faith known as Clovis & Mozelle Trosclair. Both were deemed as High Priest and High Priestess, or Mambo Asagwe.

Clovis and Mozelle both died on the same mysterious night within minutes of each other. They died of old age, he being 105 and Mozelle only 103. It was said that Clovis's favorite Loa, Baron Samedi, also known as Papa Gede, most powerful of the Guede and the death Loa and his wife the Loa Maman Brigitte, who protects graves with crosses on them, were standing at the crossroads where the souls of the dead humans pass on their way to Guinee. He often knows all about the dead on their way to reside forever in his domain.  

Baron Samedi is usually seen as a white skull like face, or having a skull head wearing a top hat, black tuxedo, wearing sunglasses, and speaking with a nasal voice. He loves cigarettes, food and rum that has been soaked in 21 hot peppers. He is the most called upon Loa, and has been seen at cemetery Number One in New Orleans. Presumably hanging out with Marie Laveau.

Mozelle was known to follow the love of the Loa, Erzulie Loadess, Loa of love, beauty, purity, romance, dancing, flowers, jewels and elemental forces. She is the most loved of Loa and can influence love, marriage, good fortune. Her symbol is the heart, and she loves for sweets, perfumes, and white doves to be presented to her.

Clovis was a houngan ( white magick) priest and Mozelle was a (white magick) mambo. Sometime Clovis came into contact with the bokors, ( black magick) but he was not inclined to that part himself. About himself he always carried two small bones tied and wrapped partially with black ribbon, which he told all were real bones from the Baron Samedi. Almost everything he loved had a skull-like face because he was one of the treasured few who could and did always speak with the dead.

Clovis and Mozelle were known to be some of the last of the old-time occult groups or orders as they were called, and teachers of Hoodoo, Voodoo, witchcraft, root work, conjuring, folk magick, and sorcery. The same art and practice from the famous Marie Laveau and her mentor, Dr. John. The old time religion of Voodoo and the art of hoodoo was a mysterious and famous order for obtaining your heart's desires usually with incredible and dramatic results.

Jefferson Island lies off the coast of Louisina in the hot sultry air of the Gulf of Mexico. It is in the parrish of New Ibereria. A lush semi-tropical atmosphere, the big stone house was set among the towering live oak trees draped with Spanish Moss, looking like a drowned maiden's long gray hair swaying in the breeze. The muddy waters of the old bayou teamed with flora and fauna and wild things. With the sunlight bathing the house and the trees casting their shadows they open the doors and went inside. Cajun and zydeco music drifted along the breezes.

When my Father and Mother arrived at the old boarded up family estate, it had sat there alone and untouched for around twenty years. It had lost it's beauty, yet it was like a ghost of the past. You could see the remnants of the beauty it had once been. The windows were broken, bricks had fallen off, and the roof was leaning. It carried the story of yesterday. There was no electricity or running water. They could only work by candlelight or by sunlight. There was a haunting look of old Southern grace, and that magick that you can only feel if you have a third eye watching over you. It was haunting to say the least. They found many a treasure trove beneath piles of dust and long forgotten memories. But you could feel the palpatations of mystic and mysterious spirits floating throughout the home. The energy never died. It lives on.

The inside furnishings had been left and were covered in sheets covered by dirt and rain stains. Dishes, knick-knacks and other valuables were covered in veils of dust but were still intact, and it seemed as though they had never been left behind at all. They whispered to you: touch me, make me shine again. Dad and Mother had found their treasure trove of bewitched baubles. There were hundreds of pieces and all had to be gone through, documented, and kept intact with their special energies.

CClovis and Mozelle made numerous journals, hand written in their hand, about their collection. Each item holds their spells, their energy and their special rituals, and each item has a powerful pull for the right person. If you feel the pull it should belong to you. The energy is amplified and energized with their own confidence and the power to change your life. 

To The Dawn
Of A New
Magickal Day!
Magick For Your Life!
​    Skye​ Is Now Amongst Us
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