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                                                 HAUNTED MAGICK



A delightful Fairy Queen pendant entombed with the spirit of the Celtic Faerie Queen called, Aine, (pronunced aw-ne) the Irish Queen of love and sexuality, wealth and prosperity. A beautiful bronze toned Fairy with her crown and jeweled scepter. Her gown is composed of stones originally gathered from the River Rhine and transformed into faux' diamonds. Her scepter has one larger "faux" diamond. Chain is 16 inches long, metal unknown. Pendant is two and one half inches long by two inches wide. Aine is the Sun/Moon Goddess of the Celtics. A sparkling jewel of a necklace.

 Aine, the Celtic goddess of Sun and the Moon , and who bestows love, sexuality, prosperity and abundance upon those who call upon her. Aine took her primary responsibility, that of encouraging human sexuality, very seriously. She is the Sun and Moon Goddess of the Celtic people and she also is the Queen of the Fae. History records her as the first Faerie Queen to mate with a human being and make a whole new race of Human Faeries. Her pendant is the Faerie Queen herself.  

I call upon the ancient power for the secrets of love, wealth, health and protection for you. Come and enter the world of ancient times, where Gods and Goddess, Warriors, Queens, Deities , Saints and Faeries were powerful in the culture.

This is the Bright Faerie Goddess. She is one of the great Goddesses of ancient Ireland who has survived into modern times as the Queen of the Faeries of South Munster. The reference made to her brightness indicates that she was orginally a Sun Goddess. She is the daughter f the Tuatha King, Egogabal and a shape-shifter. Her alternate forms are that of a swan and a Lair Derg, ( Red Mare). 

Aine is recognized as the moon Goddess and patroness of crops and cattle. She is attributed to giving the meadowsweet it's scent. Her name is derived from the same root as Adeh, "Fire". The mare is the symbol of strength and endurance as well as regeneration and fertility. The Mare-Goddess represents personal power, both in physical and spiritual domains. Aine has the quality of transformation. Whether that transformation be in regard to altered states of consciousness, ( such as travel the otherworld), or the ability to change things in the physical (such as your job or your hair style), she emphasizes the use of intuition, as well as the quality of clear thinking. The Swan is the symbol of life energy overseeing the continuity of life energy for your well-being and health. Swans are seen to glide between the worlds. The Faerie also looks upon the Swan as bringing luck and wealth.

Aine is another part of the Triple Goddess, Trinity, consisting of Aine, her two sisters, Fenne and Grianne. When a full Moon rises, lighting up the evening sky, the three of them ride their horses from out of their sides to laugh and play in the woods and meadows.

Aine sets her own powers,for it is she who is the true Queen of the Faeries . Aine has always been known as an extremely versatile Goddess. She has all the characteristics that belong to the Sun and the Moon. Flitting about the daylight and nighttime hours she goes among her subjects spreading happiness and love. While known as different things to different people, she is most known for her title of Love Goddess .Even more she is known for mating with a human and creating a whole new race of faerie folks. 

As Faerie Queen she has many magickal powers. As the queen who dearly loves the human race she is very partial to us and will bestow her gifts upon us when asked too. The Celts are known to make offerings during Summer Solstice. They burn straw and flowers during those days so that in return she will keep evil and ill health from their doors.  

Like many Goddesses, Aine has different aspects to her personality and is associated with many different things, such as both the Sun and the Moon. As a protector to the Faerie Folk she empowers you with great personal strength in trying times when dealing with overwhelming odds. 

 It is said that she sometimes will take animal form in order to walk unnoticed among the people. Usually in the form of a mare, ( called lair Derg), that no one can outrun. She is invoked for love , wealth and health. Remember her powers are tripled because she is a goddess twice over as well as the faerie Queen. In the otherworld anything blessed by three is more magickal. Charged with the extra powers, the love energy is totally off the charts and are like stars shining down upon you from the universe. The abundance powers are so much you cannot count it all, and you will be blessed with the best health the Universe has to offer.

This charming elegant faerie pendant bestows up on it's owner the Irish gifts along with heavy duty protection the four most important gifts of the otherworld.  

LOVE..... All manor of love and things to do with love. Man-woman love, family love, same sex love, love of animals, love of life, friendship, sexuality lust, fertility, old love, new love. Aine shows the way of how to walk in spirituality, unity and love with the Faerie Queen. 

WEALTH.....Untold of sums of money make their way into your life. Ideas in countless numbers invade your thinking,making more money than you even dreamed possible. Lucky breaks when it comes to games of chance, betting on numerous sports, lotteries, everything just seems to go your way when it comes to new found prosperity. 

HEALTH.....Every day makes you feel just that much better. You wake up feeling like nothing can bring you down in your life again. Not illness,, serious injury, not depression or other various health issues. You wake up raring to get up and get started on another wonderful day. 

PROTECTION...... Freedom from the slings and arrows of life. Freedom from hate filled people and their wicked ways. No harm can come unto a disciple of Aine.

Aine comes to bless you with all her powers so that you may enjoy

           "'THE GOOD LIFE'"



 You must believe with all your heart and soul

Let no one tell you otherwise,

Or fill your head with darkened lies,

The way to go there is many in choice, 

But a good first step is the inner voice,

 By air or water, by earth or fire,

Fairyland is your heat's desire,

There you are free, all you can be, 

And everything is real, 

You can sit for awhile,

Upon a sundial,

And chase the rays of light,

You can float on the air, 

Without a care, 

Or fly with butterfly wings, 

Buzz with the bees and fly through the trees,

Float down with falling leaves, 

You could go on a boat,

 Through sparkling waters,

Made out of the shell of a tortoise,

Sit in the ring where fairies all sing, 

Drink, dance, fairy fling,

Diddle on a fiddle, play fairy in the middle, 

Sparkle, shine, drink buttercup wine, 

T'is not far, you must believe,

Just follow the voice within.

 Joanna Riche