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                   THE HAWK RING


                   HAUNTED MAGICK


                HAWK RING OF FATE

From the vaults of the mighty warlock, first King of the warlocks. We are proud to present the famous Ring of Fate. A bronze toned metal in the likeness of the classic Hawk, with wings spread in the pose of a landing. Ring is size 7, non gender. About one inch in length and width. 


There are light powerful spirits, there are dark powerful spirits and then there is evil powerful spirits. I would suggest you stay away from the evil side of darkness.

Who knows what evil lurks in the mind of man, spoken by...

                          THE SHADOW

 If you are here looking for a good spell and some goody two shoes magick, you had better just turn around and get out. What we are presenting here is a powerful and amazing spirit. This entity is a dark power of the highest magick. Good does not always triumph over bad. Sometimes the bad guy wins, and when he does it is always because he has a higher threshold of darkness about him. Able to withstand the barbs and slings of poison-tipped arrows, this amazing spirit comes to you being entombed in this handsome ring shaped like a hawk. . Embellished with its wings spread in flight. It represents the Cult of the hawk. A centuries old secret club that promoted magick for the everyday person.

A dark entity has much more influence upon its owner than a light power. They can and do change lives. This dark spirit has the power to create a persona that will defy anyone to figure them out. You can be wealthy beyond mere mortals, you can seek the underground and live in secret. This dark power can and will at your command distort another human's perception of you. Do you desire to be more attractive? Or do you perhaps desire to be more unattractive? Yes it's possible to want to be unnoticed in today's society. You will have the power to be more intelligent, or you can look like a less intelligent person. You can be completely mysterious, have so much attraction power that you will be totally alluring and intriguing. Its all up to you. This spirit contains the knowledge of all your secrets, and of your varying moods. And yes, even your dreams. This is a shade of dark power but

            IT IS NOT EVIL POWER.

Evil power does harm and hurt even its owner, but dark power is really just on the shady side, not like full blown Black magick. It is the most sexual power of all. It is highly charged magick. Sex is one of the highest and most used powers of magick in our world today. If most men would take their sexual energy and put it into making money there would be no poverty. There would also not be so many people upon this earth. There is nothing wrong with a bit of naughty fun in sexual games. Therefore there is nothing wrong with a little naughty magick and this spirit has it in spades.


It will bless your life with:

                LOVE AND ROMANCE 
              (Specialty of this spirit)

       GREAT WEALTH OF MONETARY                                THINGS
              (Specialty of this spirit)

       GREAT WEALTH OF SPIRITUAL                                 LEARNING

   EXTREME GOOD LUCK WITH GAMES                        OF CHANCE 
       (Extreme Power of this spirit)


            ( Special Power of this spirit)


      ( Never chose The Wrong path)


   FOCUS FOR MANIFESTING OF YOUR                             DREAMS



This ring will bring an untold amount of people to your side. Those who are serious and those that just want to have fun. You can take your pick of women or men. This spirit in this ring will make people seek you everywhere you go. If having many friends and associates is something you dream about, then this ring should be yours. Why? Because people are going to fall all over you. They will hound you. They will desire your company and they will follow you everywhere. It works for both genders. The Cult of the Hawk has many male and female members.

  Combine these properties with the magick of the Hawks and you have one enormous vessel of power. It has the power to literally take your breath away. It is all encompassing. The greatest magick on our earth is attraction . Everybody is trying to attract on this earth. Attract love, attract money, attract health, it is all about us attracting what we want in this life. Attraction is the door we want to open most of all. It is energy, it is science, it is most of all magick. This ring is recognized with the magick of attracting just what you want into your life.

Has this spirit called your name? Are you ready to answer it and become a person whose dreams and desires exist in this world? This super haunted spirit is not for someone who is just starting to obey the laws of magick. This ring is for masters of the task at hand. The spirit who resides inside this ring is one that has never been seen in this world before. Doors open wide for the one who has been chosen by this spirit. The path you are about to trod upon is smooth and has been swept clear of all obstacles. You will not fail at attracting anything you want to attract.

Just who and why is his spirit so all powerful and awe-inspiring. His spirit is now here at this time and this place to help you balance the laws of karma. It has been held in vaults for century upon century. The members of the of the cult are a secret society that has hundreds of hundreds of famous and not-so-famous people. Each member knows not another member until they flash this ring. No names are ever spoken, only souls are taught to converse with one another. But to be a member of this cult is a highly sought after invitation to become one. Not one member of this hidden Coven is poor, not one member is unattractive to the love they desire, and now by your ownership of this ring you will have been chosen to be one of them. You will lack for nothing you may desire.

All doors will now open wide for the one who possesses this ring. You will not fail at all you want to attract into your life.

The "Dark Spirit" is so all powerful and magnificent. It has been held in the vaults of the Coven of Morganthall-Brandenburg ever since he first entered the ring. No one has been able to use the this awe-inspiring magick for over thirty years.

My Mother kept it intact and passed it to me with the instructions that the year of 2014 would be the right time for the true master to reap the rewards of this awesome HAUNTED RING.

 It has that stored energy for over thirty years. To let loose now is a magickal happening so rare that only YOU , me and my clan will know of it's ethereal immortal and other-worldly existence.

This HAUNTED RING contains the spiritual soul of the "Dark Spirit". Right now it belongs to the Coven of Morgana-Brandenburg, ( in other words, my Mother & Father who have passed into the veils of mist). It was passed around to members of my family. And let me tell you, no one in my family is poor or has ever been broke!

Not one member has not had the love and devotion of the one they loved. Not one member has not had many many lovers while sowing their wild oats.

               By YOUR SPIRIT, YOU 

have been accepted to own this "Dark Spirit". Once you place it upon yourself you will become a member of this prestigious club. Once you are a member of the solid circle you will be given the name of this entity spirit. Not before, because it is as protected as our high elected and non-elected officials in this world. Just as some famous and not so famous wealthy people hire bodyguards and try to hide from public life, this spirit is guarded. Guarded by other unknown spirits and unimagined entities. Guarded because of the magick the spirit carries inside this ring. You must swear by all that you believe in that you will never divulge the magick from this spirit.

 The riches and the all knowing and having a successful life you will begin to live as the possessor of this spirit will be kept in secret until you have been told to pass this ring on to another. It may tell you to pass to a family member or if there are none deserving then you will be instructed to pass it to a total stranger in the way that I have been told to do.

The spirit of the Ring of Fate is symbolic of the dark spirit who was a mentor for the famous Mr. Ed Turney. He taught Mr. Turney all he knew about magick, both black, dark and white. 

The sincere wish to believe will be the only thing required of you. And if this spirit knows you are to be the one to whom the ring belongs, to be the owner of this ring and the life it represents. You will feel the energy of it pull you. Good Luck! I hope you are the one to whom this ring calls. 

The spirit of hawk represents the ability to see meaning in ordinary experiences and will help you to become more observant. Many of the messages Hawk spirit brings are about freeing yourself of thoughts and beliefs that are limiting your spirit ability to soar above your life and gain a greater perspective. It is this ability to soar high above to catch a glimpse of the bigger picture that allows you to survive and flourish.

 Are you hesitating or procrastinating about something important in your life? Are you avoiding someone or something out of fear? Hawk spirit waits patiently to strike at their prey, but when the time comes they strike with both speed and precision. If you stand by too long, any opportunities that have presented themselves will slip through your grasp. Take some initiative and seize the moment!

Caution needs to be exerised if you have become reckless and impulsive? Do you often find yourself being outthought or outmaneuvered in life? Hawk spirit will alert you to those times when you should NOT take action because you do not yet have all the information you need. Be patient and fully examine the breadth of your decision making, once you have enough information Hawk spirit will guide you to fulfill your request and steer you to the right path.

You need to understand that this Spirit can give you a special task to hold the energy of what could be, of potentials that are waiting to be envisioned. Seek out other people who can support you in your life and never allow others to cause you to lose sight of what is really important to you.

 Hawk’s spirit teaches us to be observant and to pay attention to a message from the universe. The hawk has keen eyesight, it is about opening your eyes and seeing that which is there to guide you. Hawk spirit awakens vision and inspires you to a creative life purpose. Look to the world around you for opportunities.

The Hawk spirit can denote that suspicions are lurking around you and your activities. You need to proceed with caution. Alternatively, the hawk spirit symbolizes insight. Consider the phrase “hawk’s eye” to mean that you need to keep a close watch on someone or some situation. The key is to sense the subtle meaning carried by the winds and spirit of change.

Hawk spirit is the bringer of spirit messages and portents of change. Hawk spirit reminds you to be awake and aware. In the Celtic tradition Hawk Spirit empowers a person to seek out their ancestral roots and to examine in depth that which is positive. Hawk spirit also will help you move forward in life and to seek out great quests to embark upon.

 Someone is gong to be the recipient of this ring's Protective powers---why shouldn't it be you?!

                 SO MOTE IT BE 

  Magick For Your Life!
To The Dawn
Of A New
Magickal Day!
    Skye Is Amongdst Us As A Spirit!