OF THE DIJINN

                 MERRY MEET MY FRIENDS
                    HAUNTED MAGICK


                 MARS, ANCIENT POWER
                  FROM THE DIJINN RING
From the smokeless fires of desert sands  is the secret Ram's Head Ring bearing the name Mars, paying tribute to the God Mars.  A bronze sculpted Ram's head with the proud  bearing of Mars the God of fire from which all dijinn come from---smokeless fires.  This is a n attention-grabbing ring, large and quite heavy. Adj. Sizing, 1.5 inches wide X 1.5 inches wide. A beautiful ring for the discerning person. This vessel is home to a marid Green king Dijinn. 
My Father has decided to let me make available to you one of his closest companions from his famed collection of Djinns. My father has worked closely for many years with a particular Djinn family. He has spent hundreds of hours working with them during his former lifetime. As a spirit now himself, he has been even more closely associated with the family of Djinns he was friends with during his lifetime.

This Djinn is one of his closest friends in both worlds of the supernatural. He says now is the time for this Djinn to move onto a new family. He wants to share gifts with another living human now that my father is more in his world than ours. This is for a very ancient King Djinn.

It does not sadden my father to let his friend go to another deserving master. Indeed, it makes him happy that his friend can go on now to help another learn how to make their life better. It is the time to move onward.

If you are interested in Djinns and know anything at all about them then you will know if you are the chosen one to appreciate this particular one. 

Let me explain to you that owning a Djinn is not only a privilege, but with it comes the obligation to take care of one. They are living entities and as such they must have love, respect, and happiness just as you do. 

Do not put him away and only respect him when you are asking for something. You will have to put in some work on your part and build a friendship with him. Showing him that you are willing to treat him with the respect he deserves not only will benefit your life, but it will benefit those around you too. Show him you are trustworthy and dedicated to him just as much as he is to you. Your life will change in wondrous ways.

If you are not willing to treat him with love and care, then by all means, DO NOT PURCHASE HIM. He will always know what is in your heart and soul and he will act or not act accordingly.  


This magnificent Djinn has been bound to this sacred ring. He has had many vessels before, each being sacred to him. He is older than mankind, having been created by Allah and brought forth before mankind. He was among the first masters of earth. The Djinn were made from fire, while man was made from clay. Even today they often materialize as smokeless fire. He is a creature of 'free will" and is capable of good deeds as well as dark and evil ones. This vessel is sacred to him. Please treat it kindly, keep it from harm. 

He has chosen this particular vessel as his own because he knows that the Ram is symbolic of New Beginnings, which is where he wishes to take you. He has had many vessels in his years and he always chooses something powerful to symbolize the forces he uses to give your life new meaning.  

 He is from the time of King David. King David is the powerful one sent by Allah as his prophet to restore and guide the nation of Israel. When the young David slew the giant Goliath, Allah granted him his kingdom along with the wisdom and knowledgeable judgment to rule over it without help from others. 

 King David had a son who was called Solomon. Solomon of course came into power after the death of his father, King David. 

The Qur'an ( like our Bible) calls Solomon the powerful ruler of the land, and he has certain given powers by Allah. King Solomon rules not only his people but also the powerful Djinn. King Solomon has the gifts of being able to converse with birds, animals and able to see the secret hidden glory of the world that most humans can not see.

This King Djinn has the ranking of Marid, which is the highest level of Djinn. Only someone who is very strong should attempt bonding with the Marid level. If you are not ready for the most high energy of a Marid then consider one of the lessor levels to get started on your new life with a Djinn. Many of the others are quite powerful and able to give you what you seek. The Marid are the most adept at magick.

 This King Djinn is absolutely fascinating and a pleasure to work with, providing you give him what he wants, which is respect, love and happiness. He will let you know if you are fulfilling your part of the bargain. This King Djinn is an exotic Persian, with dark hair, medium complexion and green eyes. He is invisible but can shape shift into anything. He may or may not materialize for you, that is between you and him.

You will know at once if he is to be a part of your life. If so, he will stimulate your mind, create inspiration in you, you will begin to see many changes in your life, all for the good. Wealth, love, knowledge and great wisdom will invade your thoughts. He is a believer and takes his faith seriously. He is dedicated to Allah and to you as his connection to mankind.

You will command and control his awesome powers as long as you are good and kind and respectable to him. Always ask him for his favors and thank him for his devotion and his help. You will not regret his intrusion into your life.



Invocation and name of the Marid King Djinn will come with your vessel. Only you should use it and never tell anyone what it is because they can steal him with his name and invocation.

       SO MOTE IT BE