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                      HAUNTED MAGICK 


                     MORGAN Le FAY'S
               PENTAGRAM NECKLACE 

From the ancient shores of Avalon is this stunning cult pentagram of Morgan le Fay. The bewitching sorceress made a habit of giving one to each member of the her cult, The cult of Avalon is a necklace. This was the necklace she copied for her members. It gave them the special identity of being a follower of Morgan, Sorceress and Queen. It is a silver stainless steel five pointed star known in the magical world as a pentagram . Pendant is one inch X one inch on a silver toned 18 inch chain. Simple beauty. Is actually non gender.

     POWER FROM THE SACRED MISTS OF                                  AVALON



    THE POWER TO MANIFEST YOUR TRUE                                PASSIONS

Whether you require, love, wealth, good health or even just want to strengthen your own rituals and spell casting, or if you are a layman and just want the help to focus and bring your dreams to fruitation.

               MORGAN le FAY
has the ancient power to manifest it with you. Her abilities include:

                        GODDESS WISDOM

                 SHIELD PROTECTION




                  DREAM ENHANCEMENT

                  ENCHANTING BEAUTY

                  SEXUAL ALLUREMENT


                  3RD EYE AWAKENING





                   ASTRAL PROJECTION

                     SHAPE SHIFTING

These are just a small touch of her powerful magick to be had. She gets each ability from her heritage, such
as astral traveling from her Druid fairy side. As a Queen of the fairies she is able to fly. 

From her Celtic Witch and Sorcercess heritage she is able to commune with the spirits and perform spells she has learned from the ancient texts of Merlin.

She is known to be a triple goddess of the Celtic Religion. Each spell she creates has the powerful 3 X 3 energy of her heritage. This represents the triple aspect of life, death and sexuality.

n the land of the British isles the population was mainly Pagans and Druids, along with the fairies. This was The time of the goddess who bestowed upon the land and it's people, harmony with Mother Nature. The pagans and the Druids understood that the ways of the Goddess were in harmony with Nature and thus they worshiped her.  They knew she would keep everything
in their world as it should be.

Her English name, Morgan le Fay, originated from her French name, Morgain le Fee. In Italy, she was known by the title “Fata Morgana,” which title was attributed to a particular mirage that would frequently appear in the Straits of Messina, and which was believed to be the result of her magick.

She was known by many titles, including the Great Queen, the Queen of the Fairies, the High Priestess, the
Queen of the Otherworld, the Priestess or Queen of Avalon and also, quite intriguingly, the Lady of the Lake. In several Arthurian romances, Morgan le Fay was referred to as either "Faery Morgana," or "Fata
Morgana," and it was when she appeared in those aspects that she was associated with visions.

The name Morgan means "born of the sea," while le Fay means“of the fairies." Morgan is frequently depicted as a fairy although she has also been depicted in a variety of other guises, running the gamut from a queen, to a crone, to a mermaid and sometimes a witch.  Many people believe that Avalon is actually the otherworld, the world beyond the mists. At any rate Morgan
le Fay is the Queen of the enchanted Island and her minions stand guard at the gates to enter the land of

Morgan le Fay is often shown as a "dark goddess." Having the ability to shape shift, she would sometimes
became a raven and that would portend that a death was about to occur. In pagan days, death was not
viewed as bad or evil and certainly not anything to be afraid of. Death is simply a transition where we go to the otherworld after having a life in the otherworld, when you die again you are reborn back to earth. known to us Today as reincarnation.,

 To enter the otherworld you must go through the Gateway to the sacred mists and into The otherworld. the gateway is known as Gladstonbury Tor. this leads you onto the mystical island called Avalon or more accuratly called Magickal Isle of Avalon. 

There lives Morgana, one of nine sisters. where they administered the life saving healing for King Arthur.  Also sometimes called the "Lady of the Lake" she is believed to be the one who threw Excalibur into the lake and then turned around and gave it back to King Arthur. She is also the lady who caused the downfall of Merlin, after enchanting him and learning all his secrets, which, if true, makes her even more powerful than Merlin was.

Was she a Goddess, or was she a Sorceress? Did she walk with the forces of darkness or was she at one with the powers of light? We will probably never know the answer for sure. Most likely she was probably all of these.

What we do know is that she holds great magickal abilities and is a powerful force. We do know that there
was something special about her and she did have the ability to change people's lives. Now she has come
forth to change yours.