HAUNTED MAGICK


                   SHAMAN TURQUOISE

                  TEARDROP EARRINGS

               O'GREAT SPIRIT

          Certain things may catch your eye,
                   But pursue only those
                  that capture your heart.

                                                                  Old Indian Saying. 

From the Sacred Path beside you, stands the Shaman Woman known as Miakoda, Indian for  "Power of the Moon,"with her totum animal, Luna, "of the Moon".  She is of the Wolf Clan , Ani'-Wah' Ya, the largest Clan to provide the warriors and chiefs, which are the protectors of their people. Keepers of the wolves. Wolves are  loyal, persevere and bring success to everyday life.  

The shaman are people who interact with the spirits in both worlds. Someimes known as medicine men or women.  There are many more men than women.  Women Shaman have a direct connection with the Great Spirit Mother and rarely appear to us.  They come to us to act as intermediaries between  those worlds.  Many cultures have their form of Shamanism but the Native Americans are the most powerful as well as mystical. 

Miakoda and her totum wolf Luna, are both under the protection of the Moon.  They are responsible for all spiitual healing. She is called upon when the need or desire to contact he spirits for aid or to predict the future and interpret the omens that appear before us.

The focal point for the Shaman is where the natural and the supernatural come together to connect with full power.  The center of this node is viewed as the center of the worlds and is often associated with an archetypal feature
which in Miakoda's  view is her wolf Luna.  

Usually the Shaman  crosses over from one world to the other where she must enter into often hard trials to exert her powers that will overcome the spirits. Once she returns to the natural world she  has acquired the knowledge and wisdom to take control of good or evil.  Using her ability to commune she has became attuned with the spirits who then all come together to form a connection becoming able to request the help we need for our lives.

When meeting up with Luna in life, pay attention to what your intuition is telling you.  Luna and Miakoda's entrance to your life means that you have sharp intelligence and strong instincts.  It points to how you can perceive and understand the world around you. 

Whether Miaoda and Luna  appear in physical form or in a dream or meditation, it may reveal that you’re using your instincts and intuition to grasp a situation well. It tells you to meet your challenges head on with strong belief.  When they appear, however they appear, it will point to your appetite for freedom and living your life accordingly.  Let the two of them guide you to living a powerful life guided by your instincts. 

Miakoda and Luna will be a presence in your life that is calling you to live your life more freely and bring passion to your everydy happenings.  Boh Miakoda and Luna are of the wild land, remember they are not easily domesticated, but are nstead inviting you to acquaint yourself with the authentic self and what is true in your heart. They will help to acheive your own reconigition of keeping your spirit alive and to trust your own instincts.  They can teach you how to raise your vibrational frequency to attain more of what you desire in life. Once you learn this your personal energy will soar.  

Miakoda is a tall willowly tan skin Indian woman with dark braided hair down to her waist,  golden amber eyes and a smile to put you at ease.  She walks softly and elegantly to show you the way on your own sacred path.  Luna is a white wolf with blue eyes who is fiercly loyal  and swift  as the wind. You can hear her howl before thy appear to your senses.  When you hear water falling you will know that they are near and watching over you. When rainbows stretch across the sky, they are leading down the path waving a silent feather.  

Know that their home is in the stars with the ancient ones
Wolves have tales of cold bloodedness, but this is far from their true natural free spirits.   Miakado and Luna are truly "free spirits." 

                          (  ee-yah-dun-nay-lun-hi ) 

                  AS IT HAS BEEN DONE 


From the land of the silent feather comes the woman, Miakado,  with her Totum Animal, the white Wolf , Luna, to spread their magick.  Charming earrings for any age, blue turquoise with black veining.  Earrings are stud drops one half inch long about one fourth inches wide. Small, not big, drops.