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                   FAIRY BROACH PIN

                  HAUNTED MAGICK


               WINGED DANCING MOON                                   FAIRY BROACH PIN
From the sparkleing woods of the wee folk and flying fairies comes this ancient silver Fairy Pin. Studied with turquoise green rhinestones and white crystals. The fairy is in a dance position holding up the silver moon.   Approzximately 2 inches long X one inch wide.   Captivating and delightful Fairy  Spirit who will grace you with love and companionship. 
        EVERY ONE BELIEVED IN THE                               SUPERNATURAL.

After all the word "natural" is there for a reason. Our history and our heritage is actually unknown, so who can say there was or there was not creatures and other beings in our world.  Modern society  has been taught to not believe.  The biggest mistake in the universe is the belief that some unknown power has  our life in it's hand. I am not talking about God. I am talking about us.  We are the unknown  source of our own lives. The greatest secret to life is :


Once upon  time, there was the Gods and Goddesses of the World. All forms of life existed in the heavens, the earth, under the sea and under the ground.  Just as today there were evil  magick and white magick.  Many people today believe in angels, and many don't. The same goes for witches, wizards, fairies, dragons, mermaids, and all the other forms of supernatural folk. Most human beings don't believe in spirits. I can't help but wonder if they don't believe because they can never see or hear these wonders. 

Wonders are what they are.  You must ask yourself if the highest power of infinity would only make up stories for our pleasure. I don't believe that is the way he intended for it to be.  Throughout history we drifted away from the truth and took it upon ourselves that mankind was the only ones to inhabit this world, with the few animals we have managed to not destroy.  Do we really think that life as we know it is all there is? Where do we go when we pass on?  Is there a Heaven and a Hell, or is it all on this earth ?  

I am not here to make you believe or not believe.   That is our right, but if other worlds and other lives are available why would anyone not take the chance that we can go on forever, just in another form.  Every one of us has a soul and  spirit  and more chances of getting our lives right. We cannot pick and choose, but it's there for us to assume.  Most people are what the supernatural world calls non-believers. Thats ok for them. It's their right, but I know in my heart and soul that I have lived many lives.  Our spirits live on, no matter what.  It's up to you to believe or not. I hope you do believe because it opens up  a whole new world to you. 

Look around you and see those who are having a really good life, believing in themselves, delving into learning when they can. And when the time comes they move on to the next life, as their spirit takes on the mantle of that life. 

The spirits are here to guide us, help us and make our lives better in many ways. Whether or not you use this tool for your life is entirely up to you.  Those of you who know that life exists with the spirits are already ahead of the game. May the powers that be bless and keep you. 

Violetta means purple and she is of Italian  descent. She is a fairy of the moon. A vision of luminous light.  Hair that sparkles  like a strawberry blonde in the glow of the Moon on a beautiful summer's night.  Her eyes are a lavender color with long lashes. She stands five inches tall on her tippy toes. She is sweet, loving and above all very smart and loyal.  

A spell binding tiny spirit , with all the traits you would expect a white magick fairy to have.  She will bring new friends of  the best kind into your life. If you have any bullies messing with your life she will make short work of them.  

Violetta is  here to help you throughout your life, to guide and instruct you on your path of spiritual awareness. She is gifted with the innate power of white magick. There to impart her wisdom of the world beyond our vision.  When you are born the spirits aleign with your energy to travel with you though your lfe, it is up to you to find them.

Violetta can help you find everything that life has to offer you, including the happiness that comes from  love, money,  peace, wisdom, a new sense of fulfillment, and protection from fear and bad energy. She will set you on the path of choosing your career or business.  She can bring joy to your heart and enhance your journey with the spiritual guides. 

Violetta has the psychic ability to steer you in the spiritual direction of your own personal white magick.  Your third eye  will become more potent.  Your own desires to see behind the curtain of mist will intensify. Violetta will attach herself to your spirit for your lifetime. Nothing and nobody can capture her from you.  Violetta is calling you.

This binding is a work of the supernatural.  It takes the right ingredients and a handful of time along with magickal energy to create this bond between you and Violetta, which I have already performed. It is up to you to bond the rest of the way. This is done by your friendship with her.   I have been honored to summon her for you.  My Celtic ancestors  have perfected this time honored procedure and have a special bond of our own to the Moon fairies from our association with Diana, The Great Moon Goddess. 

The bridge to this wonder has been built. It is now up to you to cross it.  Blessed Be.