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HauntedMagick.com is a spiritual site, focused on spreading love and light. We specialize in offering unique, and in most cases, one-of-a-kind items. A partial list of what you will find available here includes items with ancient Egyptian magickal properties, Wiccan items, Hoodoo-Voodoo items, Native American, Greek and Roman gods and goddesses, and Islamic Shamanism and Mysticism. If it's magickal, we dabble in it.  

We bring together the past, present and future of spiritual, paranormal and esoteric energies. We cherish the creative, we reasure the divine, and we embrace all faiths and beliefs. We are open, available, completely transparent, friendly---and we love to hear from you.

You should understand that we sell tangible, physical products. Any folklore, spiritual attributes, religious connotations and metaphysical embellishments should not directly affect your decision to make a purchase. 

Just as with all other religions, there is no tangible proof of benefits, either directly or indirectly, related to the use of any of our spiritual tools.

This is more than just a disclaimer. It is our ethical obligation to inform you of this if you are not already a believer in the spiritual benefits of any objects. Each item available here has been prepared in at least one religious ceremony to bind the item.

Haunted Magick is the first website that is dedicated to Spirit Keeping\Paranormal Collecting. We have always been the premier site for those who want to further journey into the paranormal and/or the metaphysical. Haunted Magick is a sanctuary for discriminating collectors. We deal with spirits, spells, haunted artifacts, and more! Haunted Magick is my passion and my life, and we consider our clients to be our second family.

Skye was a solitary witch, which means she didn't belong to the typical coven. Skye is now a spirit herself. I have the pleasure and honor of being her Spirit Keeper. Through her and with her, I have a strict coven of spirits that follow with me. It consists of 13 in number. Some were Skye's family members. Some are famous spirits from history. And some are not so famous but are real indeed, as with the Great Warlock Mr. Turney. Marie Leavue met Skye's  mother back in the 1960's and to this day she is considered a family member. Skye's circle of spirits numbers in the thousands, over a lifetime of calling them forth for various people. But the original 13 were here---and are now my---favorites, and they are always with us. I keep adding to my circle. 

It is my hope that what will set us apart is that we completely and honestly care about each and every one of our clients. We do understand the responsibility that we hold by offering our items and services. You likely wouldn't be seeking magick if you weren't needing help or solace of some kind, so we feel the obligation to help you to the best of our abilities.

Lying, or being deceitful or dishonest in any other way, is totally repugnant to us. And we absolutely will NOT use gimmicks, smoke and mirrors, or photoshop to trick anyone. You get exactly what is listed. As the saying goes: "What you see is what you get!" No puffs of cigarette smoke that we hope you will believe to be some sort of metaphysical being.

Yes, the metaphysical beings do exist. And the smoke and mirrors do unfortunately exist elsewhere, for the sake of a spookier picture and a higher sales price. This smoke and mirrors stuff will NEVER be a part of us! Not only because it simply just isn't right, but also because it would be about the quickest way to turn Karma against us. That is a foolish chance that would absolutely NOT be worth taking! 

We suggest that you never allow anyone to tell you what you should or should not believe. Instead, we suggest that you allow your intuition and what you feel in your heart to be your guide. 

We encourage you not to purchase any of our items unless you feel a connection to us, as well as to the item. But, if you're lucky enough to feel that special connection, then please feel free to purchase. You absolutely will not be disappointed!

The items we offer for sale come from our soul and heart. Most of our items started out at some point in time simply as stones or other ordinary pieces of jewelry. (The same is true with the items we offer from time to time that were part of Mr. Turney's collection, etc.)

Although the items we make available began their "life" as simple, ordinary jewelry, they have all by now passed through Skye's hands, both while she was still alive or now, in her spirit form. They have been enchanted by her, and consequently they will never, ever again be ordinary. It is our hope that you find Skye's magickal treasures to be the most powerful that you have ever experienced.

So...read our stories. Study the pictures. Feel your emotions and witness your desires that you feel. Relax and allow your intuition to be your guide. If you feel that special and magickal connection to us, then please feel free to purchase.

It is not possible for Skye's entities to go to the wrong person or place. So, trust your heart and buy that piece your heart is pulling you to, and allow fate to answer your questions. 

(Skye) & Darrel

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