Wiccan Basic Features & Facts

     What Is A Wiccan Correspondence?

A "correspondence" is nothing more than a basic (or elemental) quality of something. Everything possesses or consists of these correspondences. The way we are raised and educated, for example, influences our personal characteristics. In much this same way, correspondences affect the various elements and tools we may use from time to time to perform our magick.

Being careful to select elements with the right correspondences will help to improve the success of your magickal efforts. With the remainder of this page we are attempting to provide you with Wiccan interpretations of elemental correspondences for moon magick.

        Wicca Gender Correspondences

                Masculine Elements

Masculine elements possess and/or exhibit strength, and they are active. Utilize the masculine for monetary success, sexual potency, strength, protection, spell breaking, courage, lust, etc.

               Feminine Elements

Feminine elements are considered to be more subtle and "softer" than their masculine counterparts. You would want to use the feminine elements to attract love, to improve beauty, healing, psychic abilities, increase fertility, to promote happiness, peace and tranquility, to cause visions, etc.

    Wiccan Elemental Correspondences

Earth - a Feminine quality Direction - North Color - Green Elemental Beings - Gnomes Earth Aminals - Wolf, owl, dragon, stag, wild cats Stones - onyx, jade, amethyst, flourite Rules incantations dealing with fertility, jobs, money, business, health, ecology and nature, stability.

Air - a Masculine quality Direction - East Color - Yellow Elemental Beings - Sylphs Air Animals - wolf, dove, fox, deer, turtle Stones - moonstone, tourquoise, thodochrosite Rules incantations dealing with memory, intellect, test-taking, divinations and psychic ability, travel, overcoming addictions,

Fire - a Masculine quality Direction - South Color - Red Elemental Beings - salamanders Fire Animals - porcupine, coyote, fox, squirrel, hawk, mouse, deer, bear and snakes. Stones - amber, citrine, smoky crystals, gold and copper. Fire rules incantations dealing with success, sex illnszz, protection, legal matters, competitions, strength and energy.

Water - a Feminine quality Direction - West Color - Blue Elemental Beings - undines Water Animals - all sea mammals, all sea birds, fish, night creatures and the raven. Stones - silver, river rocks, amethyst, coral, seashells, rainbos colored crystals. Water rules incantations dealing with love, friendship, meditation, healing, dreams, childbirth, clairvoyance and purification.

Wicca Planetary Correspondences

Moon Goddess: mysteries, women's health, the home, children, prophetic dreams, reincarnation, sleep and emotional healing.

Sun God: mysteries, physical health, employment, leadership, prosperity, money, the performing arts, self confidence and new ventures.

The intellect, communications (written & spoken), teaching and learning, travel, diplomacy, influencing others.

Venus:  Inner and outer beauty, love, romance, family, the creative arts, friendship, gardening, peace, fertility, happiness and sexuality.

Mars:  Passion, force, power, lust, courage, strength of will, the military, physical exertion, machinery and competition.

Jupiter:  Money, prosperity, success, legal judgements, luck, friendship, investments, social gatherings, ambition, the seeking and granting of favors.

Saturn:  Land and real estate, past lives, overcoming self sabotage, lies and losses, learning life's lessons, and protection from psychic attack.

Uranus:  Unexpected changes, higher consciousness, metaphysics, new inventions, regathering scattered energies, clairvoyance, freedom and independence.

Neptune:  Inner vision and perception, intuition, dreams, divination, chaos, confusion, and revolution. 

Pluto:  Death, transformations, astral travel, the otherworld, materialization, transfiguration and, metamorphosis.  

               Daily Correspondences

Sunday:  Ruled by the Sun. Power, prosperity, health, banishing evil and exorcisms.

Monday:  Ruled by the Moon. Intuition, dreams, psychic ability, female fertility and the goddess.

Tuesday:  Ruled by Mars. Courage, energy, physical strength, and banishing negativity.

Wednesday:  Ruled by Mercury. Divination, communications, knowledge, wisdom and study.

Thursday:  Ruled by Jupiter. Good luck, wealth, healing, male fertility and legal matters.

Friday:  Ruled by Venus. Love, sex, marriage, fertility and friendship.

Saturday:  Ruled by Saturn. Psychic ability, meditation, and communication with spirits.

   Wiccan Moon Phase Correspondences

New Moon:  New Moon Magick begins on the day of the New Moon to 3 1/2 days after. Use the New Moon 's energy for new ventures and new beginnings. Also, use the New Moon for love spells, job hunting, and healing.

Waxing Moon: The Waxing Moon begins 7-14 days after the New Moon. Use the Waxing Moon for constructive magic, such asx love spells, magick for wealth and success, courage, friendship, luck and good health.  

Full Moon: Powerful energy for rituals of prophecy, divination, and protection. Any spellwork that requires extra energy, such as finding a new job or healing serious conditions is best begun during a Full Moon. Also, for love, gaining sacred knowledge, legal matters, attracting money and prophetic dreams.

Waning Moon: Begin Waning Moon magick 3 1/2-10 1/2 days after the Full Moon. The Waning Moon is used for banishing negativity, for curing addictions, and illness.

New Moon The energy of the dark moon is useful for working magick against attackers and for understanding your own angers and passions. Also, for rituals designed to bring justice to bear in very negative situations.

The moon a day or two each month in each of the twelve signs of the zodia. The sign the moon is transiting through can be used to good advantage during spellwork.

Moon In Aries: A good time to perform spells related to job ventures and all new projects related to money. Also a good time to develop strength and courage, and lust spells. This is not a good moon for performing divination.

Moon In Taurus:  This moon is excellent for spellwork related to love, creativity and inner peace. Spells done at this time take the longest to manifest, but the results will be very long-lasting and stable.  

Moon In Gemini:  The perfect time for spells dealing with communications, healing and uncrossing spells. Be careful---the moon in Gemini can be unpredictable and unstable.

Moon In Cancer:  Excellent for any spell involving tghe home, fertility, children or divination.

Moon In Leo:  Spells involving leadership, prosperity, fame, and career are best done in Leo, but don't perform any spells involving love, or any other emotion, asx Leo may actually counteract it.

Moon In Virgo:  This moon insures a spell which involves meticulous detail, especially spells involving education, healing, and stability.

Moon In Libra:  Excellent for working a spell with a partner, and for magick involving marriage, couples, partnership, peace, and fairness.

Moon In Scorpio:  Use this energy for mysteries, the occult, divination, and sex magick.

Moon In Sagittarius:  This is an excellent time to experiment with new techniques or magick spells, but it's not a good time for psychic work or divination.

Moon In Capricorn:  Perfect for spells to manifest life's basic needs and for stability.

Moon In Aquarius:  The best time to work on behalf of others, but consciously stay focused on your heart to maintain a higher consciousness with others, and to avoid selfish motives.

Moon In Pisces:  Perfect for divination and psychic work, past life regressions, and communication with spirits.  

Magickal Tools In Wicca

Pentagram:  Symbol of the element of Earth, all things material, and the Northern Quarter. Pentagrams are also symbolic of the unity of the five elements of Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit.

Athame: Athames are traditional black-handed daggers, symbolic of the element of Air, all things spiritual, and the Eastern Quarter. Daggers are used to direct and send magickal energy.

Wand: Symbolic of the element of Fire, all things mental, and the Southern Quarter. Wands are also used to direct and send magickal energy. 

Chalice: Symbolic of the element of Water, all things emotional, and the Western Quarter.

Altar:  The place where magickal symbols and tools are placed for use during a ritual or spellwork.

Book of Shadows:  A witch's spell book and magickal diary, used to construct and record spells and rituals.

Candles: Used to represent the god and goddess on the altar. Use candles of the appropriate color for the type of spellwork or ritual. 

Essential Oils:  Used for anointing candles and other ritual objects and tools. Use the oil appropriate to the purpose desired.

Stones and Gems:  Crystals carry energy vibrations, and can subtly help to bring the energy vibrations within your body, aura and spellwork into balance. Use gems and stones with vibrations suited to your purpose.

Incense: Incense appropriate to the season, or to the magickal goal, is burned to help attune the witch to the goal of the spell.

Wiccan Uses Of Common Incense

Cedar:  Puricication and protection, spiritual growth and prosperity.

Cinnamon:  Love, psychic ability and protection.

Copal:  Puricication and cleansing of ritual space and stones.

Dragon's Blood:  Lust, courage and sexuality.

Frankencense:  Protection, spirituality, and consecration of ritual tools and space.

Jasmine:  Love, peace and prophetic dreams. 

Juniper:  Exorcism, healing and love magick  

Myrrh:  Healing, protection, consecration of ritual tools and space, meditation.

Pine:  Money, purification, and exorcism.  

Rose:  Love, psychic powers, healing, luck, protection, domestic peace and happiness.

Sage: Spiritual growth, healing and purification of the home and ritual space.

Sandlewood:  Protection, healing, love and spiritual growth.

Vanilla:  Love, seduction, mental powers, an aphrodisiac.

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